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....................The Musgrove's move to London

All the remaining Musgroves by 1904 were living at 4 Richmond Street Barnsbury. The family at this time consisted of the three sisters, Emily, Lilly, Adelaide and their two brothers Herbert and Rupert.

The first of the children to marry was Lilly who married Arthur (John) Digby in 1905. He was a fishmonger from Chelmsford. The Digby family had a long established shop in Duke Street Chelmsford which had been established by John's father Henry Digby. Henry had married Mary Ann Eliza Clark in Poplar in 1857. The 1861 census shows the Digby's living with Mary Ann's parents in Chelmford. Her father Richard Clark was Chief Turnkey at Chelmsford Goal. Between the years 1860 and 1876 Henry and Mary Ann had beight children. Eliza Maud Mary born 1860, Alice 1863, Minnie Gray 1865, Kate 1867, William John 1868, Ada 1870, Ivy 1874, and Arthur (later known as John) in 1876. We believe that Mary Ann Digby died shortly after this date. Henry Digby ran two Fishmongers shops in the 1880's in Chelmsford. He lived until the mid 1890's when the business were taken over by his sons William and Arthur. By 1902 only the Duke Street Shop was trading and Arthur (John) soon sold up and moved to London. John and Lilly Digby's first child John Albert Roy was born in April 1905 at 4 Richmond Street.

In May 1908 Emily Sophia Musgrove married John George Ruff. and they moved to nearby Wedmore Gardens where their first child Grace Emily Ruff was born in June 1909. John George Ruff was the son of Thomas and Anne Ruff of Clayton Street Islington.

Unfortunately the baby Grace Emily died aged just six months. The Ruffs had now moved nearby to 45 Kingsdown Road Holloway. Grace's death was registered by Emily's sister Adelaide who was also living locally at 109 Devenshire road. We assume that John George Ruff was away in Naval Service at the time. Emily and John George (known in the family as Jack) were soon to move to 1 Layfield Road in Gillingham Kent. Their first son John Victor Ruff was born here on the 27th October 1910 followed by their second daughter Madeline Eleanor Ruff (known as Molly) who was born 17th December 1913 also at 1 Layfield Road Gillingham.(Emily's husband John Ruff's naval record is interesting). The 1911 census records the Ruff family in Gillingham at this time.

By 1911 Lambert William Harris's family had moved from Boxworth Grove to Belitha Villas Barnsbury. The 1911 Census shows the family consisted of Lambert and his wife Alice and their children Lambert Thomas shown as a pianoforte tuner, Alfred a french polisher, Walter a post office employee and their daughter Ivy who was at school. An interesting addition to the 1911 census householder information are details of the number of children born. The declaration shows that in the period of Lambert and Alice's marriage, one child had died. No name is given. This would suggest the child had died in infancy.

Lambert's brother Charles Harris had moved by 1911 to 35 Mansion Street Camberwell. His son Charles Lionel Harris had married Emily Jane Hall in 1904 and they lived together with his parents.

Further details of Charles Harris and family can be found in the RELATED FAMILIES section of this web site.

Henry Cole by 1911 was still living in Kennington. His daughter Jessie Cole had married Sidney Robert Hickman in 1904. The 1911 census shows Henry Cole now aged 76 living with his daughter Jessie Hickman at 22 Cleaver Street Kennington.

z........... ..Musgrove and Digby families move to Coventry

November 1908 saw the birth of Lilly and John's Digby's first daughter Winnifred Digby at 2 Fairbridge Road. The Digby's next child Blanche was born in October 1910. The Digby's had by now moved to Coventry and were living at 95 Gosford Street in the City centre. The move was prompted the begining of the motor car industry John Digby was now a mechanic and looking for engineering work in this new market.

In 1908 Rupert Musgrove at 16 was the youngest of the Musgrove children. He was living with the family in Fairbridge Road. At around this time Rupert met Alice Crook who lived nearby in Miranda Road Highgate. Alice fell pregnant (a Musgrove family trait) by Rupert in May 1910. Alice came from a very strict Catholic family who wouldn't have seen the funny side of this situation. This could easily explain that when Alice and Rupert's baby was born the couple had also moved to Coventry.

Ruby Alice Musgrove was born in February 1911 at 6 Alexandra Terrace, Litttle Heath, Foleshill just north of Coventry City Centre. Two doors away at number 8 were living his married sister Lilly and John Digby, who had presumably persuaded Rupert to move north for better job prospects. Within weeks of the birth of Ruby, Rupert and Alice married at a local register office Rupert's brother in law John Digby (Lilly's husband) was a witness.

The census for 1911 was taken on the 2nd April and shows Rupert Musgrove and his wife alice and their two month old daughter Ruby. John Digby is listed with his wife Lilly, and children John aged 6, Winnifred aged 2 and Blanche aged just 2 months.

In May 1912 Rupert and Alice's second child John Bernard Musgrove was born. Rupert's family had now left Coventry and returned to London to live in Alice's parents house in Miranda Road Upper Holloway. Any bad feelings between the families after the marriage of Rupert and Alice seemed to be now resolved.

                                                                       Click on above for larger image

           Rupert Musgrove (left) with his brother in law John Charles Crook photographed in London about 1913.

September 1912 saw the birth of Lilly and John Digby's second son Herbert Henry (known as Sam). They were living at Alexandra Terrace, Foleshill at this time. John and Lilly Digby now living back in London at 27 Sonning Street had their fourth child William born on the 7th August 1914 he lived for only 24 days. Their next son George John was born in 1916 and their Daughter Joyce in 1921.

.............................................The Langman's Reunited......................

By 1904 Christiana and Thomas Langman had resolved their problems of the last few years and the family was living together again. Chistiana and Thomas had a son named George born in 1904 (presumably named after her father George Musgrove who had died in 1900). The Langman's were now living at 3 Ivy Terrace Myron Place Lewisham.

In 1904 their daughter Louisa now aged 10 was at this time attending Lewisham Bridge School. Their next child was born in 1906 in Greenwich St Alfreges Hospital which had been The Infirmary of The Greenwich Union Workhouse. Christina May Langman would have been the fourth generation Christiana, but her mother was now prefering to be known as Christina. The Langmans had now moved from Myrom Place to 5 The Buildings Dutton Street Blackheath. We have been unable to trace them here on the electoral register so they appear to have lived for a very short while. Thomas and Christiana's next child Ethel Madeline Langman was born in July 1908. The family had now moved to nearby 7 Blissett Street Greenwich. When the birth was registered in September the family had moved to nearby Plumbridge Street.

Thomas and Christiana's son Henry Westlake Langman now aged 21 married Emily Elizabeth Humphrey at Greenwich Registry Office in May 1909. Henry was in service with the Royal Navy (see his naval record). The couple had only one child named Florence Ivy Emily Langman who was born in Greenwich in 1909. The 1911 census shows only Emily and her daughter Florence living with her parents at 64 Ladywell Park Lewisham. Henry is not present as presumably he is overseas in the Royal Navy.

On the 29th September 1909 Ethel Madeline Langman died aged just 14 months. The Langman family were now living at 38 Albury Street Deptford, just off the High Street. Albury Street dates back to the early 1700's and was then known as Union Street. The houses were popular with sea captains and shipbuilders. By the 1890's Union Street became the western end of Creek Road, and in 1900 was renamed Albury Street (its present name).

The 1911 census lists the Langman family now living across the road at 37 Albury Street Deptford. The family at this time consisted of Thomas and Christiana, who was now calling herself Jessie, and their children John, Louisa, George and May. The 1911 census Householder Record shows that the Langman's occupied three rooms at this address. It was completed by hand by Thomas Langman. An electorial registry for 1918 shows the family living in Bermondsey at 62 Abbeyfield Road.

By 1911 Christiana's eldest son Christopher Thomas Langman had emigrated to Australia and married Janet Wornham in Haberfield NSW Christopher's occupation was now a decorator. It is possible that he had worked for Janet's father Peter Wornham who had at the time a Painting and decorating business in Reigate Surrey. The Wornham Children emigrated after the death of both parents by 1908. Christopher Langman travelled with them to Australia to start a new life. Christopher lived to the age of 73 and died Sydney Hospital on the 18th April 1960.

The full story of the Langman's in Australia can be accessed here.

Christiana's daghter Louisa Jane Langman married James Stoker How in january 1916 at St Mary's Church Lewisham. The couple were living at 14 Ladywell Park Lewisham.

......... ......
.Winding up George Musgrove's Estate

George Musgrove's estate was finally wound up in May 1913 through the solicitors Halliard & Ward Chelmsford. The executors were Lambert William Harris and his sister Ada Day who had been appointed in 1906. They had lived together with the Musgrove family in the 1880's and were always close to George's children. When they moved to Barnsbury from Chelmsford in the early 1900's Lambert (their uncle) was to be a father figure to the five surviving children. 1913 was the year that the youngest Musgrove child, Rupert reached the age of 21, and it was decided by the Trustees that the Estate should be finally disolved with each surviving child receiving 77 pounds 14 shillings ,which is one fifth of the total value less the solicitor's fees. Three of the children had already had an advance prior to this date. Emily and Lilly were paid 10 pounds each, and Adelaide was also paid 10 pounds and an additional 15 pounds one month before she married. The agreement shows the distibution of the monies between the five children. The tern 'consols' refers to Government securities with fixed interest which would date back to the original amount that George Musgrove inherited from his first wife Christiana.

Lambert William Harris was by trade a french polisher, when he retired in about 1910 he decided to open a second hand furniture and antique shop. He leased a shop in Highbury, but the family lived nearby at 60 Aberdeen Road Highbury. Lambert's family at this time was his wife Alice, his daughter Ivy, and his three sons Walter, Alfred and Lambert Thomas. He maintained the shop until the late 1920's.

Lambert William Harris's son Alfred married Adelaide Musgrove (his cousin) in June 1913. The couple initially lived above Lambert Harris's Shop in Blackstock Road Highbury but soon moved to 27 Arundel Square Barnsbury where their first daughter Grace Alice Harris was born in 1914. By 1915 the family had moved around the corner to Ellington Street. Sadly Grace died of Bronchitus aged 12 months. Their second child Herbert Alfred Harris was born in May. By the time their next child was born they had moved back to Blackstock Road Highbury to live above Lambert Harris's second Shop. Ruby Adeline Harris was born in August 1916.

................ ........................................The Great War

At the beginning of the 1914-18 war Lambert William Harris (brother of Emily Musgrove and executor of George's Will) had his furniture and antiques business well established at 239 Blackstock Road Highbury. With a second shop at 245 Blackstock Road also open. The road was soon to be renamed, and became Highbury Park with the shops becoming 106 and 110 respectively. Lambert himself lived with his wife Alice in nearby Aberdeen Road.
......... .....Alfred and Walter Harris's Military Service

With the start of what would be known as The Great War members of both the Musgrove and Harris Families enlisted in the armed services. Herbert Musgrove was already in the Merchant Navy and joined the Royal Navy (see his naval record).
Alfred Harris
and his brother Walter Harris joined different Units. Alfred joined the army's London Regiment whilst Walter joined the Army and saw service in Egypt. Alfred fought with his regiment in Palestine against the Turks and was killed in action in November 1917. Walter transferred to the Royal Flying Corps at the time they became the Royal Air Force. Due to an unfortune traing accident in Edypt in 1918 Walter was invalided out of the service.
........................Rupert Musgrove's Military Service
Rupert Musgrove's marriage seems to have ended very soon after the birth of their second child John Bernard in 1912. Unhappily the couple separated with the children remaining with their mother Alice. From later recollections by John Bernard on his early life, he stated he never knew his father and his mother when questioned had said he had died during The Great War. In fact Rupert had joined the army and had been discharged on health reasons. The irony is that the two children were brought up in the Highgate area of London and their father Rupert unknown to them was living and working in nearby East Finchley. His army papers reveal that at this time he was working as a fishmonger and living at 91 Bedford Road East Finchley. His next of kin is shown as Mrs Ann Appleton at the same address. Rupert states that she is his cousin, which is incorrect. Ann Appleton was married to William Appleton and listed at this address in 1913. As far as we know there was no family connections between the Musgrove and Appleton families, although the Appleton's had lived in Fairfield Road Chelmsford and some members of the Musgrove family had worked and lived with the Appleton's. William Appleton of East Finchley was one of the sons of William Appleton of Chelmsford and had married his wife Annie Rawlins in 19o4. It is curious that Rupert should not give an immediate family member as next of kin when his three sisters were living in the neighbourhood.

................ ... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ..In to the 1920's

Rupert Musgrove moved back to Chelmsford in 1920. He lived with a family named Poulton near the Railway Station and Duke Street. Rupert would now be in his late twenties.

Following the end of the Great War Herbert Musgrove had moved to Highbury North London by 1920 and was living above Lambert Harris's shop at 112 Highbury Park where he now worked. His sister Adelaide ( now widowed) had lived in this flat but by 1921 had moved to the flat above 106 Highbury Park when Lambert Harris had opened his second shop. In 1921 Herbert Musgrove moved to a room in Lambert Harris's house at 60 Aberdeen Road Highbury. A relationship developed between Herbert and lambert's daughter Ivy which resulted in the cousins marrying at Christ Church Highbury in June 1921. The couple spent their honeymoon in Lynton & Lynmouth in North Devon. Herbert and Ivy's fiirst and only child Margaret (Peggy) was born in June 1922. Peggy was born at her grandparent's house in Aberdeen Road where she lived with her parents. The household at this time would have included Lambert William Harris and his wife Alice, their sons Walter and Lambert Thomas Harris, Herbert and Ivy Musgrove and their daughter Peggy. A series of Photographs were taken in the back garden of Aberdeen Road around this time. The family visited distant cousins in Wales in the village of Llangattock on the River Usk in 1923. These relatives were directly linked to Alice Harris's Family and were descendents of Alice's Grandmother's Sister. (For more information see "Hollings" in "other related families on the Home Page"). In about 1928 the Musgrove family then moved into and managed a lodging house owned by Ivy's brother Walter at 28 Highbury Hill. Ivy Musgrove kept a series of diaries over the years and reflected on this period in detail. She says that her brother Walter who lived with them at Aberdeen Road had taken out a twenty year building society mortgage on 28 Highbury Hill. With his father approaching retirement a long term lease was obtained on the shop and the two flats above at 112 Highbury Park as well as for Aberdeen Road itself. Lambert William Harris retired about 1931 and remained living with his wife at Aberdeen Road. His pemises remained a furniture shop for many years.
,,,,,,,,,, .,,,The Ruff Family move back to London

John George Ruff was demobbed from naval service in December 1919. The family at this time was John George "Jack" Ruff, his Wife Emily and their children Victor and Molly. The family were still living in Gillingham in Kent and decided to move to London to follow a new career. By 1920 the family were living at 84 Netherwood Road Shepherds Bush W14. Looking for business opportunities Jack decided to open a furniture shop possibly influenced by Lambert Harris's shop in Highbury. Jack Ruff appears to have purchased an on going concern in Fulham. The property at 304 Lillie Road had been operating since at 1901 as a furniture shop by Harry and wife Mary Thompson. Harry Thomson had died aged 68 in 1919 so his wife sold the business as a going concern.

The Ruff family by 1922 were living above the shop in Lillie Road having moved from Shepherds Bush the previous year. Whilst running the shop Jack Ruff became friendly with ex-navy man Jethro Jewell who lived close by at Tilton Street, and worked in the shop next door. The previous owner Mary Ann Thompson remained living above the shop also. Business was not as good as expected and Jack sold the shop after two years. The family then moved in 1924 locally to 81 Adeney Road. The family at this time was Jack and Emily and their two young children Victor and Molly. They remained living at 81 Adeney Road until about 1929.

The 1930's

Adelaide Harris remained living above 106 with her children Ruby and Herbie until 1931. She was joined by her brother Rupert Musgrove who moved into the flat in 1928 and stayed until she moved. The children appreciated their uncle Rupert's presence as they were fatherless. Being an electrician he made the family a crystal set radio and generally did odd jobs around the house. This was possibly as a substitude for his son and daughter Bernard and Ruby who living nearby in Holloway with his estranged wife Alice.

Adelaide Harris in 1931 married her second husband Jethro Jewell at the Islington Registry Office. She had remained living above her uncle Lambert's shop at 106 Highbury Park. The family including her son Herbert and her daughter Ruby then moved to Brockley SE London.

Rupert Musgrove in 1930 moved to 7 Fieldway Crescent Holloway. By 1932 he moved into his sister Emily's house at 30 Eden Grove Lower Holloway. Emily and her husband John Ruff had moved from Fulham to work at the Star Brush Company, also in Eden Grove. The house went with the job. Rupert stayed here for three years before leaving in 1935. Between 1935 and 1939 Rupert lodged at four properties in the area. He initially moved to Tollington Road, Then to Highbury Hill, followed by Holloway Road, until finally moving to Seven Sisters Road in 1939. The Ruff family continued to live at Eden Grove for the next few years.

The Digby family remained living at Sonning St Islington during the 1930's. John (Jack) Digby, the eldest son married Lillian Barratt in July 1929. Winifred Violet Digby the eldest daughter married Charles Sydney Brooker in January 1931 and Blanche Digby was to marry Walter Wilson 3 years later 1n 1932. George John Digby married Violet Willden in Camberwell in Oct 1939.
..........................Langman's move to Bermondsey

The Langman family moved in 1919 into 39 Esmeralda Road Bermondsey South East London. Electorial registers show the family over the next few years. The family consists of Thomas and his wife Christina who was now using her middle name of Jessie. Their sons Edward and John returned from wartime service. The older children had now married and moved away leaving just Geoge and Christina May living with their parents. In 1926 the youngest child Christina May married William George Parker, the boy next door. He actually lived next door but one at 35 Esmeralda Road. They continued to live with her parents Thomas and Christina Langman (who had reverted back to Christina from Jessie).

Thomas Langman who in later years had become a dock labourer died in 1933 at St Olave's Hospital Bermondsey. In the same year in June Christiana's son George married Emily Annie Isabel Gower. She was the daughter of Frederick Gower, a Licenced Victualler who at the time was running The Lord Clyde Public House at 1 Brookhill Road Woolwich. After Thomas had died the family remained in Esmeralda Road until at least 1939.

Lambert's younger sister Ada Day had moved in 1928 from rooms above 45 South Lambeth Road which she shared with her son Charles Lionel Banfield Day and her daughter Ethel Madeline Day. She moved to 22 Grosvenor Street Camberwell where they lived until her son married Florence May Pollard who was a next door neighbour.

Further details of the Day family can be found in the RELATED FAMILIES section of this website.


Lambert William Harris continued to run his Highbury Furniture shop and the family continued living at Aberdeen Road Highbury. After a short illness his son Lambert Thomas Harris died at home in January 1930. The household at this time was Lambert William Harris, his wife Alice , and their children Walter and Lambert Thomas Harris. In 1935 following a brief illness Lambert's wife Alice Harris died at Marylebone Hospital aged 80 of heart and lung failure. During 1937 both the Musgrove and Harris families holidayed at Birchington on Sea staying at them family seaside home Laconia. Lambert William Harris lived to a grand old age of 82 and then unfortunately died of complications from an accident at home in 1938 See the account in the Islington Gazette.

1939 Register and World War 2

In September 1939 following hostilities with Germany, the Government decided to register all UK Households for the purposes of issueing ID cards and ration books. This register was taken on 29th September and was similar to the 10 yearly Census. Adelaide Harris had married Jethro Jewell in 1931 and moved to 44 Revelon Road Brockley S E London. The family comprised of Adelaide, Jethro, and Adelaide's two children Herbert and Ruby Harris.

In 1939 Jethro & Adelaide Jewell and Ruby Harris were living in Brockley SE4. Adelaide's son Herbert having worked for Hamburg Wharfs in the Port of London had joined the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve and was assigned to the Admiralty Contraband Control in Weymouth. He was shortly after posted to Malta where he was stationed until 1943.

Upon his return to the U.K. he married Gladys Lilian Duncombe in Ealing and was then posted to Glasgow for the remainder of the War. The marriage was not a success due to the war and they had divorced by 1950.

In 1941 Ruby married RAF serviceman Joseph Buck, an old college friend of her brothers. The 1939 Register shows him living with his parents at 39 Hither Green Lane Lewisham

Rupert's estranged wife Alice had remained living in North London during the 1930's. Her daughter Ruby unexpectably died when aged just 21 in 1933. In September 1939 Rupert is living at 214 Seven Sisters Road Holloway. Alyce and her son Bernard are both living in Bexley in Kent, and Bernard's future wife Joan Richardson was nearby with her parents. Her son Bernard John Musgrove married Joan Richardson at Bexley Kent in 1942.

Herbert and Ivy Musgrove were still living at 28 Highbury Hill Islington. Their daughter Margaret (Peggy) since the beginning of the War had moved to the west country to stay with cousins of her Mothers in Chewton Mendip near Wells in Somerset. She worked as a typist for a local Estate Agent in the nearby village of Farrington Gurney.


Ivy Musgrove's brother Walter Harris was still living at his fathers house at 60 Aberdeen Road Highbury. He is listed as Civil Servant Intellegence Officer Royal Air Force Emergency Reserve.

The Digby family in September 1939 were still in Sonning Street Islington. John Digby is shown as an engineer at Napiers Company. His wife Lilly is a housewife at home. His son Herbert (sam) is working for the Port of London Authority, Joyce is living at home. George Digby is not listed but his future wife Violet Willden is listed in Camberwell with her parents. John A.R.Digby and his wife Lilian are in West Finchley and his sister Blanche was living nearby with her husband Walter Wilson. Lastly Winifred and her husband Charles Brooker were living in Frinton on Sea Essex.

John and Emily Ruff were still living at this time at 30 Eden Grove Holloway. Their family consisted of their children Madeline (Molly) and John Victor Ruff together with lodger Edward Dobson and his daughter Eileen.

The Langman family in September 1939 were still largely in South East London. Christiana was still at 39 Esmeralda Road with her son in-law William Parker. His wife Christine (Christiana's daughter) were living in Portslade near Brighton. Her married daughter Louisa was living with her husband James How in New Cross Road and her brother John Langman was in nearby Scawen Road. We cannot trace Christiana's son George Langman but his wife Emily Annie Isabel Langman is recorded at her parents home the Lord Clyde public house in Woolwich. Finally Christiana's son Henry Westlake Langman and his wife Emily were living in Penge South East London.

During the Second World War the houses in Esmerelda Road Bermondsey above number 25 were destroyed by enemy bombing which included the Langman's house at 39. In 1941 Christiana's son John Married Gladys Amy Moss at St James Hatcham Deptford. By 1945 Christiana had moved to Deptford Park and was living at 37 Scawen Road. Christiana Langman lived to the grand age of 86 and died at St Alfrege's Hospital in Greenwich. Her son Henry Westlake Langman had moved during the 1930's to 36 Camlan Road Bromley. His wife Emily Elizabeth Langman died in 1945, Henry then lived with Marjorie Landridge in Bromley. They had a daughter Loraine Langman who was born in 1947. The couple married in 1958. Henry Westlake Langman was to live longer than any member of the family that we have been able to trace. He lived to the grand age of 102 and died in a retirement home in Hastings Sussex. His wife Marjorie Rosina Langman died in 1970 aged 54

                                     Later Years

After over thirty years of single life Rupert decided to get married again. He married Rene Evelyn Ellis at the Islington Registry office in 1943 at the age of 51. Although Rene was 16 years his junior they didn't have any children. Rene was born Rose Evelyn Ellis in 1908 and was the daughter of Henry James Ellis. Rupert and Rene moved to Seaford and lived at 17 Sutton Road until 1951. By 1954 Rupert and Rene have moved back to the London area and were living in Teddington Middlesex. Within two years they moved again this time to nearby Hampton Wick where the couple lived until about 1959.

Molly Ruff had spent the war in the Land Army working on a Gloucestershire farm where she met her future husband William Stephens. They married in July 1946 at St Mary Magdelines Holloway. The wedding guests included many of the surviving Musgrove family which include Molly's mother Emily, her aunts Lilly and Adelaide (who is with her husband Jethro) and her uncle Rupert with his wife Rene.

Herbert and Ivy Musgrove remained running the Boarding House at 28 Highbury Hill during the War. Their daughter Peggy lived with them until about 1946 when she trained to become a State Registered Nurse. In September 1949 Peggy married Edward Bennett. They were both working at Willesden General Hospital. They were to have three children over the next seven years. Susan Bennett was Born in 1951, Adrian Bennett in 1953 and Lucinda in 1956. Peggy and Edward moved out of London after Adrian was born and settled in Gillingham. Herbert and Ivy Musgrove semi retired and moved to a small cottage at Radnage in Buckinghamshire. The couple lived at Lee Cottage Radnage from 1948, although they still managed the Boarding House at Highbury Hill. By 1952 they had moved to a larger property named Cop End in Whiteleaf near Princes Risborough. Herbert's health had not been too good recently so Ivy took over most of the business side of their work. Apart from the flats at Highbury Hill they also managed the flats at 60 Aberdeen Road and 112 Highbury Park which were owned by Ivy's brother Walter Harris.

Lambert and Alice Harris's youngest son, Walter had led an eventful life. During the 1930's he remained living in Highbury and bought a holiday home named Laconia at Birchington on Sea in Kent. This was used by the family for weekends and holidays. During the 2nd World War he worked for the Government's Foreign & Commonwealth Office as an Intelligence Officer. Walter Harris retired and lived at Laconia at Birchington on Sea Kent but returned to London due to ill health in 1957 and died in a nursing home in Hendon.

By 1956 Rupert Musgrove's first Wife Alice, her son Bernard and family had decided to leave England for new job opportunaties in Australia. Bernard Musgrove had left the cinema industry by 1950 to follow a change in Career. One of his interests was television. The family moved to St Leonards Sussex for a short while when Bernard ran a shop selling and repairing TV's. This was the inspiration for emigating to Australia where televisiion was in its infancy. The Musgroves departed from Southampton in july on the MS Fairsea destination Melbourne. Television was only introduced for the Melbourne Olympic Games of 1956 so TV engineers were in demand. Bernard, his family and his mother Alice settled in Melbourne. Bernard and Joan had one more child, another son who was named Philip.
........................ ....,,............... The End of a Generation

Herbert Henry Musgrove
unfortunately died on the 24th November 1958. Although now semi-retired, Herbert and Ivy lived at Cop End Whiteleaf near Princes Risborough during the summer months. They returned to the Highbury Hill boarding House in September 1958 for the winter season. Herbert died after many years of poor health after a sudden heart attack. Following Herbert's death Ivy remained at Highbury Hill and spent as much time as possible at Cop End. With her approaching retirement she began to plan the sale of all the properties she owned in London. These consisted of the large flatlet house at 28 Highbury Hill, her parents house at 60 Aberdeen Road, and the furniture shop at Highbury Park. Following the sale of these properties Ivy remained living at Cop End for a further two years. She moved from Whiteleaf into a house named Winterfold at The Butts Princes Risborogh. She lived here from 1962 until 1964 before moving to a series of properties in Sussex. She first moved to Mayfield in 1965, and then moved into a flat in Silverdale Road Eastbourne. After only a few years she regretted that she had moved from Mayfield and decided to move to another bungalow, this time at Broadoak near Heathfield. At the age of 81 she moved back to another flat in Eastbourne as Broardoak was too remote in her old age. She stayed at this flat in Darley Road until illhealth forced her to move into a nursing home. Remember Ivy had inherited her brother Walter's estate in 1957 which undoubtedly financed her many moves. Ivy Musgrove lived out her last years in Eastbourne and died in 1992 aged 94.

Ada Day after the war moved to 27 Grosvenor Park Camberwell with her daughter Ethel. They moved in 1956 to 22 Amery House Kinglake Street Walworth where Ada Day Died in December 1957. Her daughter Ethel having never married contined to live at Amery House until her own death in 1959. Her Brother Charles Lionel Banfield Day married in 1938 Florence May Pollard and they contined to live at her parents home at 23 Urlwin Street Camberwell until his death in 1975. His wife lived a further ten years until her death in 1985.

Rupert Musgrove died in 1962 at Christchurch Hospital. Rupert and Rene had moved to Wimborne Dorset following Rupert's retirement as an electrician. They lived at Knole, Hayes Lane Wimborne. After Rupert's death Rene never remarried and lived until 1998 when she died in Bristol aged 90.

John and Emily Ruff had retired and moved from Eden Grove Holloway after World War 2. They moved to Fennells Farm Bisley in Gloucestershire where their daughter Molly and husband William Stephens lived. The couple spent the remainder of their years here. Emily died in 1949 aged 73 and John died in 1963 aged 85. John Victor Ruff son of Emily Ruff (Musgrove) died on the seventeenth of March 2006 aged 95 in St Thomas Hospital opposite the Houses of Parlement in Lambeth the warden of sheltered accomodation was with him when he died he had forgotten any addresses and thought his sister Molly had died.

John and Lilly Digby had moved from Sonning Street in Islington to Kew in 1939. Their new house at 23 Haverfield Gardens became the centre of the Digby family for many years. John Digby died in 1960 aged 82 and Lilly 15 years later aged 95. Sam Digby married for the first time aged 52 in January 1965 at Kingston Registy Office. He was a Tobacconist and Confectioner with a shop at 139 Kings Road Kingston opon Thames. He married Gladys Myrna Cohen daughter fo Benjamin Cohen, proprrietor of a china and glassware store in Glasgow. Gladys only lived a further five years dying in 1970. Sam lived until 2001 and died in Twickenham.

Adelaide and Jethro Jewell
remained living in Brockley until 1968. They then moved to Forest Hill and lived with Adelaide's daughter and son in law Ruby and Joe Buck. They both lived to a good age, Jethro died in 1972 aged 82 and Adelaide died in 1978 aged 92.

                                                                     click on above photo for larger image
The photo above shows a family gathering on 14th March 1970 at Joe and Ruby Buck's house near Forest Hill South East London. Living with them were Ruby's mother Adelaide and her husband Jethro Jewell and Ruby's son Robert Buck who took the above photo.
The people in the photograph are - top row left to right
Willy Stephens & wife Molly, John Harris, Joe Buck. Dorothy Harris, Betty Digby wife of Jack, Joyce & Alf Clarke.
Middle row left to right
Herbert Harris, Vincent Buck, Linda Harris, Adelaide Jewell, Ivy Musgrove, Blanche Wilson, Jethro Jewell & John Buck.
Front row Left to right
Ruby Buck, Lilly Buck, Linda Almond (future wife of Robert Buck) and Jack Digby.

This event was recorded by Ivy Musgrove in her diary which can be read here.

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