..........................1933 Death of Ruby Musgrove aged 21

Rupert and Alice's only daughter Ruby died on 7th January 1933 at St Bartholomews Hospital London. She was just 21 and worked as a nurse in Camberley Surrey. Her mother Alice is shown as the informant on the above Death Certificate. Her address is given as 24 Heathfield Road Crouch Hill North London, this however is incorrect as she lived at 24 Heathville Road. This address is shown below with Ruby leaving for work dressed as a nurse.The house is photographed present day below right.

An interesting point to note is the above certificate shows Ruby's father as Rupert Musgrove. a deceased optician. This is incorrect in two respects, firstly to the best of our knowledge Rupert was never an optician, and secondly he was not deceased but living in nearby Upper Holloway. although estranged from both his wife and children.

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