........1931 Marriage Winifred Digby

Winifred Digby married Charles Sydney Brooker at Islington Register Office on 10th January 1931. The couple then lived at Charles flat at 49 Oseney Crescent Kentish Town.

The certificate above shows that Winifred at this time was living with her parents at 21 Sonning Street Barnsbury. The witnesses were her mother Lilly Digby and her sister Blanche.

The photos below show houses in Oseney Crescent present day. Number 49 is in the centre. The map dates from 1946 and shows post WW2 area. Number 49 is in the orange coloured inner curve of the crescent above St Lukes Church. Luckily this entire terrace of houses have survived, but those opposite have been redeveloped with modern day housing.
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1940's Winnifred and Charles Brooker's three children

Above are Pat, Pam and Sydney Brooker and on the right Sydney with his grandmother Lilly Digby.