Patricia Bailey   Lee Bentley   Sam Digby   Cheryl Hughes  

Gracie Musgrove

  Laura Strong
John Bailey   Robert Buck   George Digby   Susan Johnson   Herbert Musgrove   Lilly Strong
Paul Bailey   Vincent Buck   John Digby(J)   Maria Johnson   Ivy Musgrove    Maidie Wakefield
Alex Bailey   Stephen Challis   Betty Digby  

Alyssa Musgrove

  Jack Musgrove    Sophie Wakefield
Chelsea Bailey   Joyce Clarke   John Digby(G)  

Andrew Musgrove


Philip Musgrove

  Lucy Wakefield
Linda Baker   John Clarke   Karen Floyd   Alice Musgrove   Ruby Musgrove   Rupert Wakefield
Sarah Baker   Peter Clarke   Alex Floyd  

Chloe Musgrove

  Roy Musgrove   Pam Warren
Alex Bailey   Jason Clarke   Jill Franklin  

Bernard Musgrove

  Robin Musgrove   Robert Warren
Winnifred Brooker   Vincent Clarke   Jordan Franklin  

Brian Musgrove


Rupert Musgrove

  Blanche Wilson
SydneyBrooker   Tabitha Clarke   Daniel Franklin  

Crispin Musgrove

  Thomas Musgrove   David wilson
Tony Brooker   Josiah Clarke   Adelaide Harris   Chrissy Musgrove  

Travis Musgrove

  Roy Wilson
Charlotte Brooker   Moses Clarke    

Colin Musgrove


Alison Pelling

  David Wilson Jr
Jack Brooker   Abidiah Clarke   John Harris   Daisy Musgrove   Kathryn Musgrove   Eric Wilson
Ruby Buck   Summer Clarke   Jamie Hands   Emily Musgrove   Emily Ruff   Maggie Wilson
John Buck   Lilly Digby  

Julie Hands


Chritopher Musgove

  Victor Ruff   Anna Wilson
Barbara Bennett    Jack Digby   Reece Hands  

George Musgrove

  Molly Stephen   Jack Wilson
Susan Ratcliffe   Aidrian Bennett   Lucinda   Barbara Ratcliffe   Neil Bennett   Claire Ratcliffe
Joshia Ratcliffe   Keira Smith  

Lara Smith


William Digby


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...................................George & Emily Musgrove's Descendents
We've now named all ninety five descendants of George and Emily Musgrove (nee Harris) plus over one thousand pictures and certificates. Except for the three children of Peggy Musgrove and possible descendants of George and his first wife Christiana. George and Emily had 15 children 10 whom survived the eldest Marbelle(Lilly) to 95. Use all the links there are over four hundred pages George had been married before and had one daughter Chrissie who is covered in George's story eventually we will have a list of Langmans (Chissi