Jack George Ruff born 1877
son of Thomas Ruff gas fitter. He joined The Royal Navy at 17 tried to join at 16 but was an avid reader using candles and had strained his eyes he became First Class Petty Officer he then worked at The Star Brush Company
next door to where the family lived at 30 Eden Grove. Died 1960.

Jack and Emily had three children Grace,Victor and Molly. Emily, Victor and Molly seen here in a photograph taken in 1917.
Emily's Wedding Cert ,,,,,,,,

Emily Sofia eldest daughter of
George Musgrove and EmilyHarris born 1876 Hatfield Essex Married Jack George Ruff in 1908 at St Johns Church in Upper Holloway she was living at 2 Fairbridge Road Upper Holloway. Died 1950. George Musgrove, George& Emily's eldest son died 1900 aged 24 two weeks before his.father.