Jack first son of
Bernard and Joan

Robin second son
of Bernard & Joan

Colin third son of Bernard and Joan

Crispin fourth son of Bernard and Joan

Philip fifth son of Bernard and Joan

Rachael daughter of
Robin & Therese

Brian Hands is the husband of Julie

Julie daughter of Colin and Lynette

Bernard Musgrove the only son of Rupert and Alice Musgrove (Crook) had five sons John (click on John to see Jack's family).
who married Therese Coburn they had three children. Brian, who had one girl Angel. Angie who married Simon Mears. They have one daughter Charlotte. Rachael who has two children Jamie and Wills
Colin married Lynette Bedgood in 1969 they had three children Julie is married to Brian Hands and has two children Reece and Jaimie. Linda who married Lloyd Hedger and they have three boys. Rory and twins Trent and Shane. Tim who has one son Josh.
Crispin married Val Bedgood they have two children Leanne who married Nick Bentley and they have three children Kirsten, Emma and a son Ryan. Christopher who married Laura Thomas they have one son Thomas and a daughter Amy Grace.
Philip never married.
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Brian Musgrove son of Rob & Therese

Christopher son of
Crispin & Val

Jamie daughter of Brian & Julie

Lyn wife of Colin 3 children.. ...

Linda daughter of
Colin & Lynette