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Freya Bailey
(great great great grandaughter of George and Emily Musgrove points out Les Strong (married to
Laura Strong great great grand daughter opf George and Emily) training in Richmond Park in his Fulham
as a player, other players in the picture include George Best, Bobbie Moore and Rodney Marsh.

Sydney Brooker's Eightieth Birthday
Syd is pictured with his wife Doreen, his sister Pat, two children Tony and Jill, Four
grand children Charlot, Jack, Jordan, and Daniel, son in law Jason, daughter in law

Some sad news - John Henry Digby passed away.

John Digby, son of Jack and Lillian Digby, grandson of Arthur and Lillian Digby, great grandson of George and Emily Musgrove. died on the 28th of January after a short illness aged 88. The well attended funeral took place at Cambridge Crematorium. John's wife Jane and his daughter Alison predeceased him. Arthur and Lillian had ten great grandchildren three have died.


Sad news I'm afraid John Clarke has passed
away aged 71 on 17th Nov 2018.

John was the son of Alfred and Joyce Clarke, grandson of Arthur and Marbelle Digby,great grandson of George and Emily Musgrove. Arthur and Marbelle had seven children onedied shortly after birth the remaining six had ten children eight are still with us. John and Hazel had two childrVincentand Jason. Vincent and Leah had one daughter Summer picture below. Jason and Janine had four children Tabitha, Josiah, Moses and Obidiah picture below. John and Hazel see recent pic below. Hazel and the two boys decided the funeral should be a celebration of John's life and not a sad occasion see below.

2018 Graduation Daniel Franklin

Daniel Franklin graduates from Colchester University, pictured above with his brother
Jordan, Dad Jason mum Jill

A recent group in Frinton. Left to right Jack grandson of Syd and Doreen, Syd Brooker great
grandson of George Musgrove. Dave Wilson first cousin of Syd. Tony Brookert son of Syd,
Kate Boydell partner of John Bailey, Doreen wife of Syd Brooker, Donna wife of Tony


Sydney Brooker sent this old pic (1940 ish) Pat Brooker on the left Pam Brooker
centre Syd, on the right another pic of Syd. Lilly Digby their grandmother peeps
in on the right. The eagle eyed will notice that Syd appears twice (it's two pictures

Photographed above 30th July 1917 John Clarke, David Wilson and Hazel Clarke
get together. John Clarke and David Wilson are first cousins both grandsons of
Arthur and Lilly Digby .

2017 Maidie Wakefield 70th Birthday

Photographed above are (left to right) Dave Wilson, Maidie with her
daughter Lucy holding baby Molly, Karen Floyd. her sister Laura Strong
and daughter Lilly.
Arthur Digby old photographs

Sid Brooker found this great old photo of Arthur Digby and his
daughter Joyce (married Alfred Clarke) taken about 1921.
Also shown is Arthur Digby giving the wartime victory salute made
popular by Winston Churchill.

2016 Graduation Jordan Franklin

Jordan Franklin (son of Jason & Jill Franklin, grandson of Sid &
Doreen Brooker, great grandson of Charles & Winnifred Brooker,
Great great grandson of Arthur & Marbelle Digby, great great
great Grandson of George & Emily Musgrove), graduates July
2016 poses with mother Jill brother Daniel and fatherJason

2015 January Death of Alison Digby

Less than six months after the death of his wife Jane. John Digby's
daughter Alison died at the age of 57. Alison was a beautiful girl
so full of life. Her popularity was demonstrated by over 120 people
coming to her funeral in Charing Kent.

2014 July Death of Jane Digby

Sadly Jane Digby Died July 2014 aged 90. Jane was born and bred in the
centre of London, the Shoe Lane Fleet Street area. As a child she played
in the huge offices, amongst the presses which produced the Nation's daily
newspapers. She was very popular with a unique character. She always
said that she would like a traditional funeral behind two black horses Her
husband John Digby and daughter Alison duly arranged a great send off.


1st Aug 2014 Three first cousins meet Dave Wilson, Pat Bailey and Syd
Brooker joined by John Bailey (son of Fred & Pat Bailey nee Brooker)
Right Jordan (son of Jason & Jill Franklin). Little girl Freya daughter
of John Bailey & Emmie Johnson


Baby Harley Tyson Thomas born
Dec 19th 2013 son of Kathryn and
Dean, grandson of Jack & Annette Musgrove great grandson of Bernard & Joan Musgrove, great great grandson of Rupert & Alice Musgrove, great great great greatgrandson of George & Emily Musgrove

Maggie, Jack and Anna, the children of Eric and Frances Wilson. The pictures were
taken by Frances. They are grandchildren of Roy and Geri Wilson, great grandchildren of
Walter and Blanche Wilson, great great grandchildren of Arthur and Lilly Digby and great,
great, great grandchildren of George and Emily. Xmas 2012.


Robert ( son of Fred & Pam Warren, grandson of Charlie & Winiifred
Brooker, great grandson of Arthur & Lilly Digby and great great
grandson of George and Emily) and his new wife Beata pose in front
of Niagara
their wedding on the 28th April 2011.

Jason Clark (great great grandson of George & Emily) his wife Janine & children
Tabitha, Josiah, Moses & Obidiah celebate Jason's 40th birthday 23.07.2010


Violet Digby widow of George Digby son of Arthur Digby and
Lilly Musgrove grandson of George Musgrove. Violet was the
last surviver of this generation.

2010 May - New Relations from New Zealand


email received from descendant of Philip Luscombe Hollings
I found your website while searching for information about my grandfather, Phillip Luscombe Hollings

. It was most interesting to read about his English history and forebears as I knew very little about
his life before he emigrated to New Zealand. On your site you have that he married my grandmother
, Frances Elizabeth Perry and list 7 children. In fact they had 13 children, the 12th being my mother,
Zoe Phillipa who was born in 1916 and is still alive in Wellington, NZ at the age of 94.
I am writing a book on my own life and wanted to include as much background as I
could about all my grandparents and their forebears too.
Below is an excerpt that you might be interested in.

Phillip Luscombe Hollings emigrated to New Zealand in 1894.His bother Alfred W G Hollings
and family followed in 1904 Phillip married Fanny Elizabeth Perry in 1897. At the time of his
marriage he was managing clerk to Mr A. R Bunny, Masterton. Phillip was Mayor of
Masterton between 1902-03 and again 1908-1916. He was an outstanding barrister and
solicitor and was appointed to the magisterial bench in 1919. In 1903 he took
a case to the privvy council in England and won it. Not bad for a boy raised
in an English workhouse. There is a plaque commemorating him on the
band rotunda in the park at Masterton. He died in 1931.
With your permission I would like to reproduce the photo of Mary Hollings,
1801-1867, my great, great grandmother and the one of her with her daughter,
Mary Anne who was Phillip's sister in my book.If you would like any more information
on the NZ family of Phillip Hollings
, please do not hesitate to email me.Kind regards Robin A Brown

2009 October Hollings Family

The first of our other related famillies' section covers the Hollings and
Bristow families with information dating back to the early 1800's


2009 April - Death of Joan Musgrove

Sadly Joan Sylvia Musgrove (nee Richardson) Died in April 2009. Joan was
married to Bernard Musgrove son of Rupert Musgrove and Alice Crook.

Syd Brooker's 70th

A fancy birthday card made by grandson 12 year old Daniel showing Syd
Brooker in various
stages of his life.


Christopher Thomas Langman
in Australia
The story of his emigration to Australia in 1911 and subsequent
family story.

Click Here


Source of George Musgrove's wealth discovered!!!!
January 2011

Read the facinating details of this age old family mystery.
Click Here


Harris Families of Southwark
& Lambeth

We have now researched the history of Emily Musgrove's ancestors and traced the
Harris family bacy to Wiltshire in the late 18th century.This story covers the family's
from Malmesbury to Southwark and Lambeth. This is now featured in our
"other related families" section
on our home page.

Click picture below to go to this new feature

View of Upper Marsh Lambeth

..........M.............. Maggie Wilson's Christening

........... .

............Maggie Great great great granddaughter of George & Emily.
Daughter of Eric & ...
................................Francis Wilson is baptised
in Stanley in County Durham.




...................Previous news

Thanks for those compliments James

John Harris and Dave Wilson after many trips to the Essex Record Office found a part of what we have been looking for at least ten years
The accounts below show how George got his money but not who supplied it hopefully we will find out one day. The account on the left is from 'The Essex Weekly News' the one on the right is from 'The Essex County Chronicle' the two acconts of the court case vary slightly the one on the right you can read OK. The one on the left we've copied in the center of the page. You will read that our George was a bit of a rascal and that the basic truth is that someone set up a trust fund for his first wife Cristiana Musgrove (nee Aitchison) for £12,000 a huge sum of money in 1870 the average wage was about a one pound a week so it equals 230 years pay, a house could be bought for under a hundred pounds. It appears that a trust was set up with the £12,000 for the benefit of his first wife, on her death to George, on his death to their daughter Cristiana. Bare in mind that George's wife was to die within months of this settlement and that he married his second wife Emily within one month of her death.

.................Greetings From our Langman Relatives in the USA 2007
Very special Christmas Greetings to you both and to your respective families! And a Beautiful Boxing Day! We were thrilled to receive your email last night with more updates. So sorry we haven't kept in touch but we are truly grateful to you both for your continuous patience and enthusiasm to research more information on the family. We have George's daughter, Christiana, visiting from Fiji. She is 20. Knowing the Langman family picked up again is a relief. I wonder how much Edward snr knew about his family after leaving home. We are shocked to learn that Dad's sister lived to 2001 and only wish we had known earlier and been able to make some contact with her. Do you think that maybe and just maybe, there could be others? Why was it so difficult for Edward to locate his family after the war?
Lots of questions huh, sorry about that. Well Christmas in America is still very special for our family. We gather together and cook up a feast. Today our menu includes Corned Beef and Gravy, Honey baked Turkey Breast, Fish in Coconut Milk, Baked Potatoes with Sourcream and other trimmings. Dessert includes a Strawberry Cheesecake and a Flan which is pretty much similar to the Creme Caramel. We have been snacking on all sorts of sweets and snacks this morning and will settle down to Christmas Dinner at 2pm. Is the tradition similar out there? Anyways, we hope your Christmas was special. Best wishes from our family to you all and hope to hear from you soon.
Curl and Ed

Hi John
Thankyou for the familytree.
Ed Snr was part of the British team who set up the Fiji Military Forces. Both sons have had the priviledge of accessing his docs but neither took copies out. We are hoping to talk with Geroge during the weekend. Time difference is a challenge and the weekend (Sat in USA and Sun in Fiji) is the only time we can chat with him. there is quite abit to provide you on Edward's history.
Edna recently visited Croydon in 2006 after accompanying a patient back to UK, visited Stag and Hounds but didn't know how to track anyone else. I began this research 8 years ago. Wrote many a letter to the UK registry. Often I research internet to see if anything new has been cyberspaced and voila, this time I found your site.
Yes you may upload photo and certificate.
I will be in touch soon.
Thanks much,

Letter from a lady who found our site on google
Hi Dave,
I found your webpage on the internet and wondered if you might be able to help me rule out your branch of Musgroves from the adoption of a boy at about 5yrs of age in around 1943?? (he was born on 14th May 1938 Dennis Gene Eaves) - all my Mother knew was that her half-brother was given up for adoption at 5yrs of age by her Mother - my Mother was born in 1947 so never met him other than seeing him in the back of a car as he drove past with the adopted family (she believes), his father is presumed to have been a G.I., and so far we've not managed to find anymore info (we have his original birth cert but no adoption record).
It is believed that the adopted family name was Musgrove and that there was a possibility of a greengrocer involvement but other than that we don't have alot more information.
If any of the Musgrove Family in Islington have the same date of birth would you be able to advise me at all ? Any assistance appreciated at this point.
I've been doing alot of research on and genesreunited with the rest of the family tree but drawn a blank so far with this one.... we may be able to get the local council to research the adoption since the law recently changed to allow a sibling to look for an adopted sibling but even then they do not necessarily give you any info.
By the way your website is fascinating, a great read even if it's not the right people!
Kind regards,
Greetings from Australia.
you very kindly added my story about my Mother's lost sibling (who she has been trying to trace for many years) to the newsflash page of your website, was just wondering if you'd had any leads at all?
I checked out your family tree and the Rupert Musgrove end is in the right area for the time, would you be able to tell me whether they were either Jewish/well off or any connection to the greengrocer trade at all? we are not far from Bexley where I see some of their descendants were married so may just end up going thru the phone book and making a few odd phone calls otherwise? lol...
any assistance appreciated and thankyou so much for adding that to your site!
Kind regards,


The original letter from Rob Musgrove which resulted in reunited
our family after a hundred years.

Letter from Richard Harris a relative through the Harris line.

Email from Graham Hardy who is a relative to us through the Harris line. He said some nice things about our site thanks for that Graham.

I'm Kirstin and I'm emailing you from Australia to say a huge thank you for the admirable effort you've put into the family website. It's amazing, I have spent hours upon hours looking through it all and it blows my mind away to think that you've researched and traveled places to put it together. The family history really interests me and when my Uncle Jack gave me the link to your website I was so excited to go through it all! How did you find out so much about the family way back in the 1800s? I was amazed by all the detail that's gone into it! To give you a better idea of who I am, I'm the great granddaughter of Joan and Bernard Musgrove and granddaughter of Valerie Hill and Chrispin/Allan Musgrove, my parents are Leanne and Nicholas Bentley. I met your daughter Karen and granddaughter Lexy on Boxing Day and Karen gave me your e mail. I'm hoping to travel to Europe one day (not just yet though because I'm only fifteen) and visit a Dutch exchange student we had living with us and hopefully meet you and other family living in Europe as well. Bye for now!
Thanks for this letter Kirstin, Dave & John. Look forward to meeting you when you come to Europe.


George's Story Updates

Below are the latest updates and additions to George's story. Select link to George's Story below.

Part 1 1790 to 1871
Part 2 1871 to 1903
Part 3 1904 onwards

2020 February

George's Story 3

-1939 Register entries (under construction)

2019 May

Edgar Musgrave London
and Danbury

2018 August
Rupert Musgrove in
Chelmsford 1920-21

George Musgrove at
The Cricketers Inn
Danbury 1884 - 86

George Musgrove at
Albert Blgs Great Baddow 1886

George Musgrove in
Glyn St Kennington

Edgar Musgrave London
and Danbury



1851 April George Musgrove's mother marries Joseph Atkins




1905-1906 Langman
Family Blackheath Hill

1899-1902 Langman
Family Greenwich &
Croydon Workhouse


1856 Harris family at
St Martins Workhouse


1851 Harris family at
St Martins Workhouse

1889 Langman's at The Bell
Ingatestone - updated

1914-19 Walter Harris war service in Egypt


1887 Birth Walter Harris

1954 Rupert Musgrove in Teddington & Hampton

1908 Rupert Musgrove's 2nd wife Rene (Rose Evelyn Ellis)

1923 Charles Harris's son
emigrates to Australia

1911 Charles Harris - UPDATED FAMILY HISTORY


1891 George Musgrove moves to Herne Hill

!891 George Musgrove at 48 Lorrimore Rd Walworth UPDATED

1898 Langman children at school in Sydenham.

1904 Louisa Langman Lewisham Bridge School.

1930's - Ada Day in Camberwell
1891 Harris family at Ellington Street & Half Moon Crescent.


1963 - Burial Rupert Musgrove

1935-39 - Rupert Musgrove in Highbury

1943 - Rupert Musgrove marries - UPDATED

1851 - Death of Christiana Musgrove - UPDATED
1893 - Newspaper report on drunken landlord Cricketers Inn



1895 - Death of Grace Musgrove


1850 - 70 Harris families in South St Lambeth
1854 baptism Mary Ann Aitchison St Pancras
1891 a letter to George Musgrove from Australia.

1849-51 Baptisms of
Betsy & Emily Harris.

1902 Marriage Walter Cole
1904 Marriage Jessie Cole
1872 Cole baptisms
1883 Ellen Bristow marries

1875 James Banfield Moore Harris marries twice.
1875 Baptism of George John
Musgrove in Kennington.
1851 Burial of Christiana Musgrove St Martin in Fields

1869 Baptism of Christiana Musgrove in Kennington.
Rose & Crown Dunton
Green, Sevenoaks.

1861 James Banfield Moore Harris & Family King Street Lambeth
1851 James Banfield Moore Harris St Martins Workhouse

1851 James Harris with grandparents Southwark

1897 Birth Ivy Harris
1922 Update on Peggy ........Musgrove
1947 Peggy Musgrove
1921 Herbert Musgrove ........Honeymoon
1859 Death of Thomas ........Arthington Bristow
1965 Ivy Musgrove Mayfield
1975 Ivy Musgrove Broadoak
1897 Chevening Church
1876 Harris Book of Common
1911 Census Charles Harris...
1906 New Trustees...
1900 Death George Musgrove
1900 Death G J Musgrove
1900 Ivy Musgrove remembers
1894 Musgrove family at Hamlet Terrace Baddow Rd Chelmsford
1902 Musgroves leave Broomfield
Death Alice Florence Harris

1880 Musgrove's at Navestock
1891 Ada Harris marries Alfred ....... Edward DayDay
1948 Herbert & Ivy Musgrove at
........Lee Cottage Radnage
1895 Portrait Herbert Musgrove

1921 Ruff family in Shepherds .........................Bush London

1931 Marriage Winifred Digby...
1939 Marriage George Digby...

1908 Birth Ethel Langman...
1909 Death Ethel Langman
1911 Albury Street Deptford...
1953 Christiana Langman...
1921 Birth Joyce Digby...
1914 Birth
& Death William Digby
1913 Lambert Harris's shops..
1916 Birth Ruby Harris...
1911 Census Henry Cole...
1911 Census Thomas & ........Christiana Langman...
1911 Census John & Emily Ruff...

1910 Birth Blanche Digby...
1912 Birth Herbert Digby...
1911 Census Lambert William ........Harris Barnsbury...
1911 Census Rupert Musgrove ........and John Digby Coventry
1845 Birth of George Musgrove

1848 Birth of Ann Margaret
1861 Census Ellen Aitchison...
1790 Thomas & Agnes ........Aitchison
.........children Baptisms...
1824 George Aitchison moves ''''''''into Hertford Street...
1847 George Aitchison Marries
........Ellen Denny...


1897 Burial registers for Emily ........and Alice Musgrove...

1855 John Aitchison at Cook's ........Terrace St Pancras...
1895 Burial Register for Daisy ........and Grace Musgrove...
1913 Trust fund agreement...
1956 Musgroves emigrate to ........Australia...
1855 Birth of Alice Bristow...
1861 Bristow's at Hoarwithy...
1881 Birth of Alfred Harris...
1879 marriage Lambert William ........Harris to Alice Bristow...

1926 photos Aberdeen Road...
1922 Peggy Musgrove born...
1902 Digby Chelmsford shop...
1950 Rupert Musgrove at ........Seaford...
1922 Peggy Musgrove born...
1949 Peggy Musgrove married...
1935 Alice Harris Dies...
1937 Holidays in Kent...
1950's Musgroves at Radnage ..........and Whiteleaf...
1962 Ivy Musgrove at Princes Risborough...
1962-75 John and Lilly Digby death certs...