Sam Digby was taken prisoner early in the war after being picked up in the Med he was a prisoner of war in Italy. He suffered with bad health mainly skin complaints at first owing to lack of food. He was transferred to Czechoslovakia by the Germans and worked in the coal mines untill the end of the war. On his return to England he was found to have TB and was sent to Ventnor on the Isle of Wight, he also he had nervous breakdown. He eventually recovered his health and had a successful life dying at 88. Top left is a picture sent from Italy soon after capture Sam is second from left top row fourth from left is his old friend Paddy Murphy who became a great friend of Sam's brother Jack, Paddy was a stud groom in Newmarket working for Lady Halifax. Top right is the back of the card showing Sam's P.O.W. number etc. Bottom left is an old photo of Sam's wife Gladys she was previously married to a frenchman and had three sons. Bottom right is a photo taken at Ventnor.
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