After a nights bombing a council employee would patrol the streets and make a note of all the bombs dropped as on this original record. Over five years it was bombed seven times. No 57 was hit by an incendary bomb.

As can seen on this copy of the 1881 census George Musgrove and his family lived at 57 Benwell Rd Holloway, including his wife Emily their son George, daughters Emily, Alice, Marbelle (Lilly), her sister Ada her brother Lambert H, his wife Alice and son Lambert T. finally a servant Emma Brown. No. 57 was bombed during WW11 along with a large part of the odd numbered houses. My pic is the even numbered side 120 years later it is still an elegant old street.

1881 British Census Household Record note George & Emily are of independant means

The even side of Benwell Road, the houses have been well kept unfortunately the odd side has been redeveloped and looks pretty awful.


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A 1910 print of Motague Arms