William & Jane Harris's children 1868 - 1872

William & Jane's daughter Caroline was baptised 1st November 1868 at St Mary's Lambeth,This was a double family baptism as the register above records that William and Jane's eldest son Wiiliam (who had married Esther Quinlan in 1867) was baptising his own son, also named William. Three generations of Williams together on one occasion.

Their daughter Bertha Jane Harris was baptised 27th November 1870 at St Marys Lambeth, This appears to be the last child born at South Street.

The family cannot be traced on the 1871 census. They are no longer living at South Street, and when their last child John was born in 1872 they were living at 1 Arnolds Paragon, Newington. He was baptised 3rd January 1873 at St Mary Newington Church.

The map below dates from 1872 and shows Arnolds Paragon off Crampton Street Newington.

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