William & Esther Harris's Children 1874 - 1880

William and Esther's daughter Esther was born 27 September 1874 and baptised 16th October at the parish church of St Marys Newington. The family are now living at 2 Ellis Square, off Crampton Street Newington.

Their daughter Ellen Harris was born 26th January 1877 and was baptised 2nd March at St Mary Newington which is pictured below

St Mary Newington Parish Church

Willian and Esther's son John was born 18th December 1877 and baptised 1st February 1878 again at St Mary Newington.

Florence Harrs was born 15th February 1880 and baptised at St Mary Newington on 9th April 1880.

The census below dates from March 1881 and shows all the family living at 2 Ellis Square Newington. Note George aged 8 is shown as being deaf & dumb from birth. Their daughter Ellen born in 1877 has died by this date

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