.......................................The Aitchison Home For Over Forty Years
5 Princes Street was the principle address in St Pancras for the Aitchison and Musgrove family for over forty years. The earliest reference we've found is an 1820's London Directory for George Aitchison cabinet maker living at 5 Hertford Street, the southern end of which was renamed Princes Street in the early 1840's. Princes Street was subsequently renamed Whitfield Street in 1868. Number five (now 102) is the right half of the white painted house which is numbered 102 and 104. The original doorway for 102 (extreme right of building) was filled in at a later date when both properties were converted into ten flats with access through the doorway of 104.The houses to the left are elegant Georgian and are listed. In WW2 a bomb dropped on the corner of Whitfield Street and Maple Street which resulted in properties between 94 and 100 Whitfield Street being destroyed. A garage and petrol station were built on the site (see photo below). They were subsequently redeveloped into a modern apartment block named Irvine Court in the 1980's. 102 to 110 were only slightly bomb damaged. You can see the tops of the left hand houses have been rebuilt The map below dates from about 1800 and shows number 5 Hertford street highlighted in green.

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