Walter Edmund Robert Cole 1868 - 1911

1868 Birth Walter Edmund Cole


Henry and Jessie's first son Walter was born 28th June 1868 at 102 Whitfield Street St Pancras.



1872 Baptism Walter Edmund Cole

Walter was Baptised 12th March 1873 at St Mary the Less, Princes Road Lambeth with his brother George Thomas Cole. The family were now living at 14 Shepherds Place Kennington Lane.


1902 Marriage of Walter Edmund Cole

Walter Edmund Robert Cole married Elizabeth Sarah Douglas at St Pauls Church Newington 29th January 1902. Over the next 5 years they had 4 children. Walter Douglas Henry Cole was born 1903, Arthur James Cole was born 1905 and baptised 4th January 1906 (see below). Alfred George Cole and Elizabeth Janet Cole were both born in 1907.
Walter Edmund Cole had died by 1911 when the census shows his wife as a Widow. We can find no exact date of his death in the BMD indexes


1918-32 Elizabeth Sarah Cole - Henry St Kennington

By 1918 the family were living at 71 Henry Street Kennington. They remained here until 1932 when Elizabeth Sarah Cole died. The 1931 Electoral Register below lists the family at this time.

Walter Douglas Henry Cole Married Muriel Brenda Sizeland in 1931. He lived until 1974 and Muriel until 1981.

We have found no details of Arthur James Cole. Alfred George Cole lived until 1984. Elizabeth Janet Cole Married in 1955 Percy Parsons. They both lived until 1969.