George Musgrove & Cole Family at Southampton Street St Pancras
George Musgrove was living with his uncle Henry Cole at number 7 Southampton Street off Fitzroy Square London. We have
now identified the property in which they lived, complicated by the fact that not only have all the house numbers changed
but the road itself has changed names three times. The road was originally named Conway Street, and then became
Southampton Street in the mid nineteenth century. It later reverted back to its original name Conway Street which is its
current name. We calculated the Cole's house (number 7) from the fixed point on the corner which had always been a Dairy (number 10). By 1895 the Dairy at number 10 had become number 35 (which is its current number as shown in the photo above). The Cafe in the above photo occupies the same premises and still has its late Victorian shop front. As the Cole's house was at number 7 (now 29) it was an easy task to count 3 houses to the left of the old Dairy to establish the exact house.The map below is the area in 1870. Where the Cole family lived is coloured green. Directly below left is a closeup view of number 7 as it is today. To the right is a rate book extract from Oct 1864 number 7 is shown as unoccupied. The column marked with an arrow is the rateable value of the property. Number 7 is shown as rated at £56 the column directy to the left is the gross estimated rental value £66. George Aitchison the cabinet maker died in October 1864 in Princes Street the informent on the death certifcate was Henry Cole (his son in law) who was living at 7 Southampton Street.

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