Henry Cole Family of Kennington

Henry Cole was born in 1835 in Marylebone London. Henry was the son of Daniel and Elizabeth Cole. The 1841 census below shows the family living in Loxton Place St Pancras. Daniel Cole had married a widow Elizabeth Challis and in 1841 was living with her 2 children from her previous marriage.


1851 Census Frederick Street

The 1851 census below shThe 1851census below shows the Cole family 10 years later. Daniel Cole had now died and the family had moved to Frederick Street Kings Cross. Henry Cole is a 17 year old Attorney's clerk. His mother Elizabeth, known as Eliza is a dressmaker as is her niece Elizabeth Marsh and Eliza's daughter Elizabeth Challis.


1856 Henry Cole marries Jessie Aithchison

On 31st May 1856 Henry Cole married Jessie Aitchison at St Pancras Parish Church. The couple lived at her father George Aithchison's house at 5 Princes Street St Pancras.

1856 Marriage of Jessie Aitchison to Henry Cole
This is the marriage certificate of George Musgrove's aunt Jessie Aitchison to Henry Cole. They were living at Princes Street but soon moved to Charlotte Street with the young George Musgrove. The witnesses of the marriage are Jessie's father. George Aitchison the cabinet maker and Ellen Isaacs Aitchison who was the wife of Jessie's brother John. A sad footnote is that Jessie's mother Margaret died 26 days earlier on May the fifth of Bronchitis she was at the family home in Princes Street her husband George was present, she was 64 years old so she was born in Scotland in 1792. You may notice the odd spelling of the name Jessie on the certificate it was common practice thatany word with a double 'S' the first 'S' was written as an F. Therefore Jessie would be written as JEFSIE.
26 days earlier Jessie's mother Margaret he various addreAitchison had died of Bronchitis at 64.Tsses of both the Aitchison and Cole families are shown on this St Pancras map of the period.

1861 Henry Cole & Family 36a Charlotte Street

The 1861 census below shows Henry Cole, his wife Jessie and their nephew George Musgrove living 36a Charlotte Street. Also listed is a visitor Stephen Richardson an 18 month old child of friends.

The map below dates from around 1800 and shows the distances between 36 Charlotte Street, and the Aitchison houehold at 5 Princes Street ( shown on map as Hertford Street).

Henry and Jessie's first child, Harry John George Cole was born on Friday 18th of September 1863 at 36a Charlotte Street. He was not Baptised until the first of January 1865 (15 months after his birth) the family were now living at 7 Southampton Street Fitzroy Square

1868 was to be the last year the remaining members of the family were to live at 5 Princes Street Fitzroy Square, which had now become 102 Whitfield street the previous year. The family had lived here for over 40 years when George Aitchison the Cabinet Maker had moved to the area in the 1820's. The household in 1868 consisted of Henry and Jessie Cole and their sons Harry and Walter Edmund Cole who was born June. There was also Margaret Aitchison (Jessie's sister), George Musgrove with his cousin Christiana, and their daughter Christiana

1871 Henry Cole & Family Shepherds Place Kennington

By 1871 Henry Cole and family had moved into the Kennington Lane area and were living at 12 Shepherds Place off Upper Kennington Lane with a family named Conolly. The rate book for Oct 1870 shows the Harris family having just moved in to number 17 Shepherds Place and would have been close neighbours of the Cole family. From this time the fortunes of the Musgrove and Harris family closely entwined. Back in 1871 George and his first wife Christiana would probably have been regular visitors to the Cole family in Shepherds Place. The Cole family would have introduced the Musgroves to the Harris family as the wives had a common interest in dress making. Henry Cole and family remained living at Shepherds Place Kennington with Jessie Cole's sister Margaret Aitchison. In 1872 another son was born to Henry and Jessie. George Thomas Cole was Baptised with his older brother Walter Edmund at the church of St Mary the Less Princes Road Lambeth.

1881 Henry Cole & Family Shepherds Place Kennington

The 1881 census shows the family at 14 Shepherds Place.Henry's mother Eliza Cole died in St Pancras Workhouse in 1883.

1891 Death of Jessie Cole

The Cole family by 1891 had moved away from Shepherds Place Kennington Lane, and were now living at 17 Bolwell Terrace in Lambeth. Henry's wife Jessie died here aged 56.

1891 Death of Jessie Cole at Bolwell Terrace Lambeth

The 1891 census below shows the Cole family now living at number 17 Bolwell Terrace, Bolwell Street Lambeth. The census was taken on Sunday the 5th Aprii. The family comprised of Henry Cole 55, his wife Jessie 55, his son Harry Cole 27, and his daughter Jessie 16. The Brampton family also shared the house. As you see the Bramptons had use of two rooms whereas the Coles had four rooms. Below is an old photograph of part of Bolwell Terrace. An interesting note is that Sir Arthur Sullivan (of Gilbert and Sullivan fame) was born in this terrace in 1842. Unfortunately the whole area was redeveloped between 1950s - 1970s and Bolwell Terrace no longer exists.


1891 Henry Cole & Family Bolwell Terrace Kennington
The ironic thing is Henry Cole's wife Jessie died on the very same day as the Census was taken. The interesting thing is that when filling in the Census Return it is necessary to state who is the household at Midnight on the Sunday. Presumably the form had been completed a matter of hours before Jessie died.

Bolwell Terrace

1901 Henry Cole & Family 321 Kennington Road

The Cole family by 1901 had moved from 17 Bolwell Terrace following the death of Henry's wife Jessie. They were now livng at 321 Kennington Road. The family now consists of Henry now shown as retired, his son Walter and daughter Jessie who are both shown as 'Earth Potters' who probably worked for Doulton Lambeth Potteries. Also on the census is Henry Cole's grandson Robert who is the son of Henry's daughter Jessie Cole.

.....Henry Cole 1901

Henry Cole is now living at 321 Kennington Road. He is now a Widower after his wife Jessie died in 1891 . In the photo shown below it's the 2nd on left from the archway in the terrace. In the 1870s/80s both 319 and 321 were owned by the Hayward Brothers who founded Hayward's Pickles, they had their factory across the road behind where Shepherds Place was. It was bombed during WW2. By 1915 '321' had become Dining Rooms run by a Mrs Curtis. In the 1950's it was Ashford's Steam Laundry Ltd, which is still a laundry today under another name. The terrace of houses between 309 to 341 had shops built across their front gardens in 1872, so what you see today is much the same as in Henry Cole's day. The archway in the terrace led to a series of buildings behind Kennington Road used by the South London School of Pharmacy. Henry Cole's other son Walter Edmund Cole married in 1902.

321 Kennington Road

1911 Henry Cole & Hickman Family Cleaver Street Kennington

Henry Cole by 1911 was still living in Kennington. His daughter Jessie Cole had married Sidney Robert Hickman in 1904. The 1911 census shows Henry Cole now aged 76 living with his daughter Jessie Hickman at 22 Cleaver Street Kennington. Henry Cole died shortly after this date.

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