Georgiana Plestow 1792 - 1874

George and Margaret Musgrave's first born child Georgiana was born in 1792 at Shillington Manor.

On 22nd August 1822 Georgiana married Charles Berners Plestow at St Mary-le-Bone London. One of the witnesses is shown as Georgiana's brother Thomas M Musgrave.


Georgiana and Charles only had 2 children. The first was christened Charles John Berners Plestow on 13th August 1823 at the Parish Church of St Mary-le-Bone. Their second child was born in 1824 and named Henry Collett Plestow.



1843 Death of Henry Collett Plestow



1840's Plestow's Watlington Hall Norfolk

Although the Plestow's lived in London their country residence was in Norfolk at Watligton Hall, a large mansion that Charles had inherited from the Plestow family. The 1836 listing below from Whites Directory of Norfolk describes the small village of Watlington with the Plestow's being Lord
of the Manor.



1849 Death of Charles Berners Plestow

Georgiana's husband Charles Bernard Plestow died in 1849 at the family home Watligton Hall Norfolk.


1850 Marriage of Charles John Berners Plestow

Georgiana's only son Charles John Berners Plestow Married Florence Aurele Hottelet. who was born in 1830 in Paris. They married in London 1850. The couple lived alternatively in England and France.


1853 Charles John Berners Plestow Court Case

Below is interesting insight into Charles John Berners Plestow's Lifestyle at the time.


1874 Death of Georgiana Plestow

Georgiana Plestow who had been living abroad for a number of years died in 1874 aged 82 in the Kensington area of London

1894 Death of Charles John Berners Plestow

Georgiana Plestow's son Charles John Berners Plestow died in Chiswick West London in 1894. It is assumed that his wife Florence returned to France.


1914 Death of Florence Aurelie Plestow