George Musgrave Musgrave 1798 - 1883

George and Margaret Musgrave first son George was born at Shillington Manor
in 1798.
All of George and Margaret's sons were given the middle name of Musgrave as well as their surname.
George Musgrave Musgrave following his education at Oxford became a minister of the church.


George M Musgrave Married Charlotte Emily Oakes in 1827. The certificate above shows their marriage in St Marylebone London. The witnesses listed are the parents and Chas Berners Plestow, (husband of George's sister Georgiana).

His wife Charlotte's family the Oakes lived at Borden Hall Kent which George and Charlotte inherited.

The Children of George and Charlotte Musgrave

George and Charlotte's first child Adela Musgrave was born in 1828 she died in 1833.

Their second child named Horace Musgrave was born in 1829 in London.

Their third child named Clare Musgrave was born in 1831.

Clare Musgrave married John Fitzgerald in 1853. They had no known children. John Fitzgerald died around 1900, Clare lived until 1913 when she died in Paddington.

George and Charlotte Musgrave's next child Eleanor Musgrave was born in 1833. Little is known of Eleanor only that she married Edmand Waller in 1852 and died in 1858.


George and Charlotte Musgrave's next and last child Edgar Musgrave was born in 1835 He lost his sight during childhood.

1835-38 Bexwell Norfolk

The Rev George Musgrave became rector of Bexwell near Downham Market Norfolk in 1835. He remained here until 1838.

1841 census Musgrave's Borden Hall Kent

The census return above from 1841 shows George and Charlotte Musgrave with their children Horace, Clare, Eleanor, and Edgar. They had four servants living in. Also listed is Charles Plestow, Husband of George's sister Georgiana who was presumably visiting.
Georgiana is listed on the 1841 census at the Musgrave London home in Gordon Square.

Borden Hall Kent

1851 Census Musgrave Family Marylebone

As well as Borden Hall in Kent the Musgraves had a London Home at 2 Cumberland Street Marylebone.
The family at this time consisted of George and Charlotte Musgrave. His occupation is shown as vicar of Borden Kent. Their childrern Horace, Clare, Eleanor, and Edgar are
shown together with four servants.

Horace Musgrave after education at Oxford was commissioned into the British Army and was killed in an incident in South Africa during October 1851. His body was returned to England and interred at Borden Church. The memorial Plaque above describes his life.

His father George Musgrave was vicar of Borden at this time and it was decided that a Musgrave family vault be built at Borden Church. George Musgrave was vicar of Borden from 1838 to 1854.
The present day photo below shows the position of the undergroud vault is beneath the tree (right of church). There is no access as the vault appears not to have been used since the 1860's.

1854 Musgrave's move to Exmouth

1861 Census Musgrave's Shillington Manor
The 1861 census records George Musgrave and his wife Charlotte living at his old family home Shilligton Manor. The property was now known as Apsley End Manor House.

A plan of the Estate of this period is shown below. Searches for photographs of the house have been unsuccesful. The main house was destroyed by fire fifty years later and has subsequently been rebuilt.

1871 George Musgrave Shillington
The census below shows George and Charlotte Musgrave at the Manor House at Aspley End Shillington. Their are four servants listed also in the Manor House with a further 8 people living in estate buildings.

1872 Death of Charlotte Emily Musgrave

George Musgrave's wife Charlotte died 23rd March 1872 at 4 Westbourne Street London. This was reported in the Times Newspaper above.

The Placque below from inside Borden Church records the death of Charlotte Emily Musgrave. It notes that her mortal remains rest in Willesden Cemetery London.


1877 George Musgrave Musgrave Remarries

George Musgrave married Charlotte Matilda Appleyard 24th July 1877 in Paddington, London. Both George and Charlotte are shown as being previously married. The witnesses include his nephew George Lascelles Higham and his brother Henry Musgrave Musgrave.

1881 Census George Musgrave Bath

The above census for 1881 shows George Musgrave and his 2nd wife Charlotte living at 18 Marlborough Buildings Bath. Also living with them is their stepdaughter and one servant.

1883 Death of Rev George Musgrave Musgrave

George Musgrave died 26th December 1883 at 18 Marlborough Buildings Bath. He lived a very long active life as both in the church and as a well respected author of travel books of France. A biography of his life can be read here.

1893 Death of Charlotte Matilda Musgrave

Charlotte Matilda Musgrave died 20th April 1893 at the Esplanade Hotel Paignton Devon.


Edgar Musgrave
1835 - 1915