George Arthur Musgrave 1843 - 1912

Henry and Sarah Musgrave's only child George Arthur Musgrave was born in 1843 and christened 30th July at Monks Risborough, Bucks.

1867 Marriage of George Arthur Musgrave

Henry Musgrave's only child George Arthur Musgrave married Theresa Jaques Jones at Clifton in 1867. The marriage annoucement shown above is from the The Western Daily Press newspaper.

Theresa Jaques Jones was the daughter of Josiah Jaques and Theresa Frances Coxe Brooke who had married in 1840. Their only daughter Theresa was born in 1841 just before they were granted by Royal Licence the title 'Jones' to be added to their surname.


Before his marriage George was living with his father Henry Musgrave. Their country address in 1865 was Shrubs Hill Sunningdale Berks, when George inherited money from his uncle Richard Pullan.


1868 Musgrave's move to Elm Lawn Uxbridge

George and Theresa's first child Theresa Henrietta Musgrave was born 29th October 1868 and baptised at St Andrew Hillingdon Middlesex 11th of December. The family had now moved to a large detached house named Elm Lawn off Park Road. The house has since been demolished.


1869 Musgrave's move to Millthorpe Horsham Sussex

By 1869 the Musgrave's had moved from Uxbridge to another large property called Millthorpe on the Rusper Road near Horsham. The house was demolished in later years, and redeveloped as the Millthorpe Road Estate.


1870 father of Theresa Musgrave dies


1870 Musgrave's move to Steel Cross House
near East Grinstead Sussex

By 1870 George and Theresa and their 2 children had moved from Horsham to a large house and estate near Crowborough in Sussex named Steel Cross House. Their 3rd child Annie Frances Margaret Musgrave was born 31st October 1870. She was christened 8th Jan 1871 at Withyham Sussex.

Sadly she died 5th February 1871 at Steel Cross as shown in the Times newspaper below.

1871 Census George Arthur Musgrave & Family

Steel Cross House Rotherfield Sussex

The 1871 census shown above shows George Arthur Musgrave now living at Steelcross House near Rotherfield Sussex. The family comprises George (27), his wife Theresa (20), and their two children Theresa Henrietta Musgrave (2). and Henry Arthur Fitzherbert Musgrave (1). Their daughter Annie had died two months earlier in February. They also employed 5 servants described as nurse, undernurse, cook, housemaid, and butler.


1872 Birth of Richard Rosewell Musgrave

George and Theresa's next child Richard Rosewell Musgrave was born at Steel Cross House on the 11th February 1872 and christened 17th March 1872.

The above advert was placed by G. A. M. (George Arthur Musgrave) in April 1872. He was looking for a property to either rent or purchase between Reading and Bath.


1873 Musgrave's move to Reading Berkshire

George and Theresa's next child was named Charlotte Emily Musgrave was born 1st May 1873. The family had now moved to the town of Reaing in Berkshire and were living at Freemantle Lodge Bath Road on the West side of town. Unfortunately their daughter Charlotte died 24th May 1873.

1875 Musgrave's Move to Linden Gardens Kensington

George and Theresa's next child was named George Franklyn Musgrave and was born 26th February 1875 at 12 Linden Gardens Kensington. Sadly he died aged 2 years old ion Hove Sussex.



1877 Birth of Arthur Franklyn Musgrave


1879 George Arthur Musgrave Travels to
Australia on the Parramatta

George Arthur Musgrave and his wife Theresa went on a voyage to Australia in 1879. They travelled on the Clipper Ship Parramatta departing England in September and arriving 8th December at Sydney. A journey time of 3 months. It is believed their children stayed in England at boarding school.They had another child born in Brighton in 1878 named Arthur Franklyn Mugrave.

George Arthur Musgrave published a book entitled Parramatta Sun in Sydney which was an account of the voyage from a sries of newspapers issued on board.

When in Australia George and Theresa also travelled to Hong Kong and back on the vessel R M S Brisbane departing 17th April 1880 departing on the outward jouney. They returned on the vessel Normanby arriving back in Sydney N S W on 11th August 1880.

It is not known how long they stayed in Australia but Theresa gave birth to their 4th child named George Christopher Brooke Musgrave in Sydney on 16th October 1880.
We believe they were still in Australia in the early part of 1881 as they do not appear on the UK census.

George and Theresa with their new born son had returned to England by July 1881 as an advertisement was then placed in the newspaper below to find a position for a maid /nurse who had accompanied them on their journey home.


1888 Death of Theresa Henrietta Musgrave



1891 Census George Arthur Musgrave

Furze Bank Torquay

By 1891 George Arthur Musgrave and his wife Theresa had moved to Devon having acquired a property named Furze Bank on the Higher Warberry Road in Torquay.

The 1891 census below shows the inhabitants of Furse Bank at this time. George and Theresa's children are all at boarding school. Note there is a full compliment of servants including the Musgrave's butler. Even their visitor Caroline Shuttleworth brought her own ladysmaid.


1901 Census George Arthur Musgrave

Langham Hotel London


1911 Census George Arthur Musgrave

15 Sussex Gardens Hyde Park London



1912 Death George Arthur Musgrave




1915 Death of Theresa Musgrave

Interesting letters to newspapers

George Arthur Musgrave wrote many letters to national and local newspapers. We have found several examples that date between 1874 and 1903 which give an insight into his various interests. As an artist he talks of exhibiting watercolours, there are 2 letters from his visit to Australia, and letters refering to the Plumage League and Selborne Society which he founded with his wife Theresa.

........George Arthur Musgrave and his wife Theresa




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