Frank Wornham 1879 - 1921

After their arrival in Sydney Frank Wornham, his wife and child appear to have settled
independently from his wife's family the Hoods.

1913 Frank Wornham Leichhardt, Sydney, NSW
Frank Wornham is listed in the 1913 Sands Directory in Norton Street Leichhardt, a suburb of Sydney. He is listed as living at a house named Snugborough which was located behind 45 Norton Street near the Town Hall. Frank established a painting and decorating business at this time following the same profession as his older brother William Walter Wornham.

1917 Frank Wornham Randwick, NSW
By 1917 Frank Wornham is living in Belmore Road Randwick NSW South East of Sydney.

1920 Frank Wornham Woollahra
By 1920 Frank Wornham had moved to a house named Rockleigh, 30 Grosvenor Street Woollahra NSW. The Sands Directory below incorrectly spells Frank as Wanham.

1921 Death Frank Wornham Woollahra

On 10th April 1921 Frank Wornham died aged 42 after a long illness. The newspaper report above from the Births Marriage and Death Section covers his funeral. A later listing from July dealt with the winding up of his business.

1925 Hood Family, Paddington, Sydney, NSW
Frank Wornham's wife Alice after his death probably moved with her daughter Ishbel to live with her parents, William and Emma Jane Hood.

William Hood, his wife Emma Jane, and their son William Cyril Hood by 1925 were living at
1 Suffolk Street in the Sydney Suburb of Paddington. Both father and son appear to have
been painters and decorators. The house is pictured present day below.

1927 Death of Emma Jane Hood

Alice Wornham's mother Emma Jane Hood died in September 1927.

1933 Alice & Ishbel Wornham and Hood Family


By 1933 the above Electoral Register lists Alice Wornham and her daughter Ishbel living
with her father William Hood and brother William Cyril Hood at 8 Stafford Street Paddington.
The Property is shown present day below.

1933 Alice Wornham Marries Alexander Philip


1938 Death of William Hood
In January 1938 William Hood died aged 86 at 8 Staffoed Street Paddington. He is
buried at Rookwood Cemetery with his wife Emma Jane.

1938 Ishbel Wornham Marries Stanley Hopper

Frank and Alice's only daughter Ishbel married Stanley Hopper in March 1938.
Stanley was
a divorcee and the only child of James Lowery Hopper and his wife
Margaret Howard who had married in 1899 in South Shields England.
Stanley was born in South Shields in 1901. In 1929 he married Elizabeth Bond and
they had a daughter Ethne born in 1930.
The newspaper report below from April 1937 shows that Stanley and his wife Elizabeth were
granted a divorce on the grounds of desertion.

The 1937 Electoral Register below records Stanley living with his parents in Waverley
south east of Sydney. We imagine his parents emigrated from England and he followed
but his wife stayed behind with their child.

1941 Birth of Bruce Stanley Hopper

In 1941 Ishbel and Stanley's son Bruce Stanley Hopper was born in Ryde Sydney.
The 1943 Electoral Register below shows the Hoppers living at 7 Short Street
Gladesville Sydney.

1946 Death of Stanley Hopper

In 1946 Ishbel's husband Stanley died aged 45. After his death her brother William
Cyril Hood lived with her and her son in Short Street.

1956 Death of Alice Eleanor Philip (Wornham)
Frank Wornham's former wife Alice lived to the age 75 when she died in 1956. Her second husband Alexander Philip had died only five years after marrying her in 1938. She appears
to have lived with her daughter's family up to this date.

1959 Death of William Cyril Hood
Ishbel's uncle William Cyril Hood died aged 72 in 1959.

1965 Death of Ishbel Eleanor Hopper
Ishbel Eleanor Hopper lived to the age 56 when she died in 1965.

We have no further information on this branch of the family


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