Frank James Wornham 1903 - 1993

1903 Birth of Frank James Wornham

Frank James Wornham was the son of Frank and Beatrice Louise Wornham and was born in Reigate Surrey in 1903. For reasons unknown his parents seperated. His father remarried in
1908 and subsequently emigrated to Australia. His mother remarried in 1914, but their son Frank did not form any part of these families as he was to be brought up by the Weaver
family in Wembley Middlesex.

1911 Census Frank James Wornham
The sensus below shows Frank Wornham aged 7 living with the Weaver family in Wembley.
It is not known whether the Weavers were distant relatives who elected to raise the child.
Frederick Isaac Weaver had married Ellen Alice Gelding in Kensington in 1898. They had no children of their own.

Frederick Isaac Weaver lived with his wife Ellen, and their boarder Frank James Wornham at
1 Keppel Cottages Harrow Road, Sudbury, Wembley. The property still exists and is shown present day below.

1925 Frank James Wornham

The above Electoral Register from 1925 shows Frank Wornham with the Weaver family. The
contemporary map below shows this section of the Harrow Road near Wembley. We have circled the Black Horse Inn and Sudbury Priory. Keppel Cottages are bottom Right.

1928 Marriage of Frank James Wornham to
Edith Jane Pope
Frank Wornham married Edith Jane Pope in the summer of 1928. In October 1928 Frederick
Isaac Weaver died aged 62.

1935 Frank & Edith Wornham
By 1935 Frank and Edth Wornham had moved to nearby 61 Maybank Avenue Sudbury. Also
living with them was Edith's widowed mother Elizabeth Julia Pope. The house is pictured
present day below.

1936 Frank James Wornham first visit
to Australia

Frank James Wornham visited Australia the first time in 1936. He sailed on the P & O ship
S S Mongolia. CLICK on the above image to view the passenger list.

1938 Frank James Wornham Family
visit Australia

Frank James Wornham's family made a work related visit to Australia
in 1938. He was an electrical engineer by profession and was required
to come out to Australia by the company he worked for.
They sailed on the Orient Line ship Ormonde.
CLICK on the above image to view the passenger list.

1943 Frank James Wornham
Brisbane Queensland

During 1943 the Wornhams are listed on the above Electoral Register for Brisbane,
Queensland at Lomond Terrace. The location we have circled Blue on the map below.

1947 Frank James Wornham return to UK

In 1947 the whole Wornham family returned back to their home in England .
The address given on their shipping paper work was 1 Keppel Cottages, which was
Frank's old home where Ellen Weaver lived. After their return to England the Wornham
family decided to move permanently back to Australia.
Ellen Weaver remained in England and lived until 1959 when she died aged 86.

CLICK on the above image to view the passenger list

1963 Frank James Wornham & Family
Greenslopes Brisbane Queensland

The 1963 Electoral Register below shows the family now living at 6 Kanumbra Street,
Coorparoo, Greenslopes, Brisbane.

We have no oither details of this branch of the family.