The Rumsey Family - Vine Tree & Horse Shoe Inn Llangattock
Emma Frances Hollings married David Mattocks Rumsey in Llangattock in 1868. They managed the Vine Tree Inn until David's death in 1894 when his wife Emma took over. Following her death in 1900 her son William Hollings Rumsey (b1869) continued as licensee. David and Emma Rumsey had two other children. David Edward Rumsey (b1872) and Gertrude Mary Rumsey (b1874). David appears not to have married. Gertrude married Mark James Furze in 1900 in Crickhowell and the couple moved to Chewton Mendip where her husband became head gamekeeper on Earl Waldergrave's estate.
The Furze family remained living in the area for over half a century.

William H Rumsey married Prynea Pritchard in 1892. They are shown on the extreme left of the photograph.Pryneais holding one of her children. William H Rumsey remained at the Vine Tree until about 1908 when the family moved to the nearby Horse Shoe Inn in Llangattock. They had at least eight children, four of which died in infancy. Margaret Emma & Gertrude Mary were twins born in 1893 and both died in the same year. Their next child was named Prynea May Rumsey was born in 1894. She married James M Short in 1924 and they became llicensees of the Horse Shoe Inn after taking over from Prynea's father. They had 2 children, Arthur J Short (b1926) and Prynea May Short (b1929). She married William J Edwards in 1956 in Crickhowell and had three children; Colin (b1957), Brian W, (b 1961) and Prynea Dawn Edwards (b1967). Prynea May Short lived to the age 75 and died in 1969.

William H Rumsey's next children were twins Gertrude Blanche and William Pritchard Rumsey born in 1896 but both died by 1898. David Edward was born 1901 followed by Arthur James in 1903 and lastly John Leslie was born in 1910. David Edward Rumsey married Izam Prosser in 1925 and they had four children William (b1926), Freda (b1929) David (b1931) and Peter (b1935). Arthur James Rumsey married Cwendoline Marshall in 1927.
William Hollings Rumsey remained living in the area and died n 1945.

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