Edna Georgina Cheetham 1915 - ??

Christopher and Janet Langman's daughter Edna Georgina was born in 1915.

1941 Marriage of Edna Georgina Langman
to Edward Baxter Cheetham

Edna Langman married Edward Baxter Cheetham in 1941. He was the son of
Edward and Adelaide Cheetham (nee Robertson) who married in 1913.

1914 Birth of Edward Baxter Cheetham

Edward was the only son of Edward and Adelaide Cheetham who were living at
23 Epping Road Double Bay NSW.

In 1926 Adelaide Petitioned for a divorce from her husband Edward. She continued to live
in Rose Bay with her son Edward Baxter Cheetham, and became known as Mary Adelaide Cheetham.
Her separated husband lived until 1936 when he died in Darlinghurst Sydney aged 45.

1941 Edward Baxter Cheetham Army Service
Edward Baxter Cheetham Joined the Australian Army 17th December 1941 for service during
World War 2.

1943 Birth of Janet Georgina Cheetham

Edna and Edward's daughter Janet Georgina Cheetham was born in 1943. The Electoral Register
below shows Edna listed as living at 106 Onslow Street Rose Bay (her parents home).
Her husband Edward is not listed as he is away on active service.
His mother Mary Adelaide Cheetham is listed as now living at 744 New South Head Road.


1949 Edna & Edward Cheetham West Ryde
The 1949 Electoral Register shows Edna and Edward living at 6 Morvan Street West Ryde,
North West of Sydney.

1950 Birth of Roslyn Adelaide Cheetham

1955 Birth of Wendy Elizabeth Cheetham
Edna and Edward's daughter Wendy Elizabeth was born 1955. They also had two sons named
Robert and Edward.
Edward Baxter Cheetham worked for Lustre Hosiery Ltd in Sydney where he was appointed
financial manager and secretary in August 1957.

1962 Death of Edward Baxter Cheetham

Edna's husband Edward died suddenly on 17th April 1962 aged just 48 at the family home
in West Ryde which is shown present day below.