Christopher Thomas Langman
in Australia

All of the following information has been researched and collated from
local newspapers, Sands Sydney Suburban Directories, Electoral
Registers andvarious on-line resources.

Christopher Langman and Janet Wornham settled in the south Sydney suburb of Haberfield after their arrival.

1911 Marriage of Christopher Thomas Langman


The couple married 24th November 1911 at St Oswalds Church Haberfield.
The above certificate shows the witnesses to the marriage were Janet's
brothers Frank and William Wornham.
We do not know exactly where they lived. The Langmans first directory
listing from 1913 shown below identifies them living in Halley Street, of
Great North Road in Abbotsford just south of Five Dock Sydney.


1914 Move to "Benmeree" Frazer Street Leichhardt

By 1914 the Langman's had moved to the Sydney suburb of Leichhardt and
moved into a three storey property named Benmeree in Frazer Street
overlooking Long Cove. The map above shows Frazer Street when it was
called John Street. The Langman's house still survives and is shown below.

1915 Move to "Redhill" Beaumont St North Bondi


In 1915 the Langman's had moved east to North Bondi and rented a bungalow
which they named "Redhill" in Beaumont Street. The property is shown below present day. Their first child, a daughter named Edna Georgina Langman was
born at this time.



1917 Move to "Redhill" 44 Dover Road Rose Bay

By 1917 local directories list the Langmans moving to 44 Dover Road Rose Bay.
This semi detached bungalow was very similar to their Beaumont Street
property and was named "Reen". The Langman's changed this to "Redhill".
The property is shown present day below. The directory listing below
shows Janet's brother William Wornham opposite at 33.


1918 Move to 45 Epping Road Double Bay

In 1918 the Langmans are listed at 45 Epping Road, Double Bay. The property
is shown below present day. At this time their second daughter named
Betty Langman was born.



1920 Move to "Redhill" 4 Ebsworth Rd Rose Bay

The Langmans had moved to another property which they named "Redhill" at
4 Ebsworth Rd. This appears to be the last property they named after Janet's
former Surrey birthplace.

1923 Move to Albermarle Ave Rose Bay

The Langmans had moved to another property named "Lorne" at 27 Albemarle
Avenue. By 1925 the Langmans had moved as Sydney Battersby is listed as
living at "Lorne" their former home. He had also lived at the Langman's
house "Redhill" in Ebsworth Road in 1924 after they had moved.
In 1925-26 the Langmans were living at 45 Carlisle Street Rose Bay but by
1927 they had moved back to 27 Albemarle Avenue.

1930 Move to 60 Onslow Street Rose Bay

The Langmans moved to 60 Onslow Street Rose Bay by 1930. The advertisement
above shows the property for sale just prior to the Langmans living there.
The Electoral Register Below shows the residents at that address.
Only adults over 21 are listed

1933 Move to 7 Richmond Road Rose Bay

By 1933 the Langmans had moved to 7 Richmond Road Rose Bay. The property
we believe has been completly rebuilt.

1936 Move to 27 Chaleyer Street Rose Bay

By 1936 the Langmans had moved to 27 Chaleyer Street which is pictured below
present day.

1943 Move to 106 Onslow Street Rose Bay

By 1943 the Langmans had moved back to Onslow Street but now rented 106.
The Electoral Register from that year lists Christopher, his wife Janet, and their
married daughter Betty living at the property.

1960 Death of Christopher Thomas Langmam

On 18th April 1960 Christopher Thomas Langman died at Sydney Hospital.
He was cremated at The Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park.
The 1963 Electoral Register shows just Janet Langman, her daughter Betty,
and her husband Jack Alexander Smith living at 106.
Janet Langman lived to the age of 78 when she died in 1964.

The advert below Shows the property being offered for rent after the family
moved out.


Edna Georgina