George and four of his children are buried at Chelmsford Cemetery. The entries above list the names and
shows George bought two private plots " in perpetuity " meaning of course for ever. He bought them when the
two young daughters Daisy May and Grace Theresa died
aged 14 and 13 planning that they would be family plots. George and his son George died in 1900 and were buried in one of the plots. Later in 1904 Abert Roy died aged
16 and was the last Musgrove to be buried there. The Grave 428 can be clearly seen with the cross the Musgroves
are to the right numbers 429,430 and 431 under the dense bushes the cemetery workers have promised to clear them they have now been cleared and at least the three graves have been left. The graves are three of the earliest ones and are near the old entrance to the cemetery. George it would appear had little interest in memorials so for
we haven't traced any tomb stones we are still looking. The house pictured is 4 Hill Villas New Road Broomfield
where George and his son George died in 1901. When we photographed it ironically it was for sale at £214,950.

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