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William and Mary Hollings youngest son Alfred was born in 1839 and married Mary Ann Luscombe in Clerkenwell in 1862. They had five children over the next 11 years. Mary Ann Rosa Georgina Hollings (b 1864), Emma Martha Hollings (b 1865), Alfred William G. M. Hollings (b 1869) Philip Luscombe Hollings (b 1870) and William Samuel Hollings (b 1873).

The 1871 census shows the family sharing a house at 158 Kings Cross Road Pentonville. Alfred was employed as a Goldsmith. but died aged just 36 in 1875. This had a dramatic effect on the family as by the time of the 1881 census the family were all inmates of the local workhouse. Alfred's widow Mary Ann now a dressmaker is listed with her sons Alfred and Philip. We have no details of what happened to the daughters Mary Ann and Emma.

By the time of the 1891 census family fortunes had improved. Alfred W G Hollings had married in 1888 Mary Ann Esther Gibb. They were living with Alfred's brother William Samuel Hollings at 7 Canning Road Highbury. They were both employed as law solicitors clerks and shared part of the house with their aunt Emma Luscombe. Phillip Luscombe Hollings was also a Law solicitors clerk and lodged locally.

The 1901 census shows Alfred W G Hollings and family now living at 48 Canning Road Walthamstow. His brother William Samuel Hollings had married Florence Simmons in Islington in 1895. The 1901 census shows them at 55 Kelvin Road Islington.
Alfred W G Hollings and his wife Mary Ann had four children. Esther Maria Hollings (b 1889) Maud Ethel Hollings (b 1891) Philip William Hollings (b 1894) and Bessie Frances Hollings (b 1900 but died 1901).

His brother William Samuel Hollings family consisted of his wife Florence, and their six children William Samuel Hollings (b 1896), Florence Ruth Hollings (b 1899). Sidney Ernest Hollings (b 1905), Arthur Phillip Hollings (b 1907), Frederick Edmund Hollings (b 1909) and Grace Gertrude Hollings (b 1913).

William married Florence Lack in 1920 and 2 children, Patricia and Pauline Hollings (b 1922 and 1925). Florence married James Wallis in 1922 and had one son Donald (b 1924). Sidney married Lydia Neville in 1928 and had 2 children Pamela (b 1931) who married James Appelbe in1952, and Barry (b 1945). who married Teresa Griffin in 1968. Arthur married Betty Cooke in 1928 and had no children, Frederick married Lillian Rogers in 1937 and also had no children. Lastly Grace Gertrude Hollings married William Drinkwater in 1934. They had 2 children. Ronald (b 1936) and Leonard (b 1942).

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Emigration to New Zealand

Alfred W G Hollings and family emigrated to Wellington New Zealand in 1904 following his brother Phillip Luscombe Hollings who had emigrated there in 1894. Philip married Fanny Elizabeth Perry in 1897. The couple had 13 children, Alfred Luscombe Hollings (b 1898), Dorice Mary Hollings (b 1900), William Perry Hollings (1902), Pearl Cedric Hollings (b 1903), Walter Ernest Hollings (b 1905), Constance Sarah Hollings (b 1906) and Iris Evelyn Hollings (b 1908),
and 6 others including Zoe Phillipa Hollings (b 1916).

Philip Luscombe Hollings lived to the age of 59 and died in 1931, his wife Fanny lived to the age of 84 and died in 1958.

Alfred W G Hollings lived to the age of 79 and died in 1948. His wife Mary Ann lived to the age of 86 and died also in 1948. We have little knowledge of the Hollings families in New Zealand other than than the marriages of Alfred and Mary Ann's children. Maud Ethel Hollings married Lewis Henry Southey in 1909. They had 4 children, Ethel Rose Esther (b 1910) Lewis Alfred (b 1911), Phillip William (b?) and Majorie Lucretia (b ?). Esther Maria Hollings married Alfred Percy Southey in 1912 and have 4 children Percy (b 1913 d 1913), Percy Alfred (b?), Arthur Bernard (b?), Iris Flora Olive (b 1914 d 1971). Philip William Hollings Married Fanny Ruth Clemett in 1920. We have no details of any children.
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