Ada Day & Family 1926 - 1939

1926 South Lambeth Road

From 1926 Ada Day and her son Charles & daughter Ethel lived above the shop premises at 45 South Lambeth Road Kennington.

The family lived her until 1928

Pictured below is a present day view of 45 South Lambeth Road ( the red shop).

1928 Grosvenor Street Camberwell


From 1928 Ada Day, her son Charles and daughter Ethel lived at 22 Grosvenor Street.

In 1938 Charles Lionel Banfield Day Married Florence May Pollard who lived next door at
23 Grosvenor Street.

Pictured below is a recent view of 23 Grosvenor Street,which was renamed Urlwin Street from 1945.