1899 - 1900 Langman Family Greenwich

By May 30th 1899 the Langman family were seeking assistance from the
Greenwich Union Workhouse

The Langmans were first admitted to the Greenwich Union Workhouse on 30th May 1899.
The above register shows their address as 20 Mauritius Road (Street) East Greenwich.

Mauritius Road present day

On 16th August 1899 Thomas Langman and his 5 children were relocated from
the Greenwich Workhouse to the workhouse in Croydon.

The Croydon Workhouse register extract above shows the arrival of the Langman's
16th August 1899 which now also includes the eldest child Christopher Thomas Langman.

Workhouse records show that on 26th September 1899 a committee meeting suggested
a lady named Taylor may take charge of the children while the father seeked employment.

It is not known whether this happened. Miss Taylor was actually Helen Edmonds Taylor,
a widow who was employed as an assistant probation officer by the workhouse.

The youngest of the Langman children Frederick aged 18 months sadly died
23rd Feb 1900 eleven days after being admitted to the infirmary.
The committee report extract below incorrectly names Frederick as Edward.

The Greenwich Union Workhouse records show that on 29th May 1900 Thomas Langman
and 3 of his children were admitted. It shows his occupation as labourer and his
address as 68 Azof Street Greenwich.
The other children remained under the care of the Croydon Workhouse.

Azof Street present day.

The Greenwich Workhouse records show on 4th August 1900 Thomas Langman and
3 of his children were found wandering and then removed to Croydon Workhouse.

The Langmans appear to have frequently visited the Croydon Workhouse up until around 1903.
The Committee meeting below from 29th July 1902 mentioned Thomas Langman took
3 children to Greenwich with a possibility of a Mrs Tester looking after them.
Again it is not known whether this happened . Mrs Tester managed a coffee rooms at
7 Royal Hill around this time.