1905 - 1906 Langman family Blackheath Hill

On 27th June 1905 the Greenwich Infirmary records show that Thomas Langman
and two of his children, John and Louisa were admitted. The following day
Thomas remained in the Infirmry and the children were moved to Calvert Road.
The Langman's were at this time living at 39 Bennett Street.

Thomas and Christiana's next child was born 18th June 1906 at 48 Vanbrugh Hill
Greenwich which was the address of the Greenwich Infirmary.
The Infirmary records show that Thomas and Christiana are listed on the 15th June 1906
admissions register. The birth certificate below shows that her daughter

Christina May Langman was born on the 18th June.

The Greenwich Infirmary in 1901

Christiana is recorded as visiting the Infirmary next on 3rd July 1906.
Her baby was now 2 weeks old.

The old Greenwich Infirmary in 1960

Christiana was discharged with her baby on the 14th July 1906 and returned
home to her family now living in Dutton Street.

The map below shows the addresses of the Langman family during this period.

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