Charles Joseph & Mary Ann Margaret Atkins

Following George Musgrove's mother Elizabeth marrying Joseph Atkins
in 1851 the couple had two children which would have been half brother
and half sister to George Musgrove.

Below we have traced what happened to George Musgrove's closest relatives.
His mother Elizabeth Atkins cannot be found at this date on any census after 1851.

1861 Census Charles & Mary Ann Atkins

The 1861 census shows Elizabeth Atkins two children boarding in a house
in Harrow Middlesex.

1871 and 1881 Census Mary Ann Atkins


George Musgrove's half sister Mary Ann Margaret Atkins is shown on the 1871
census as a 14 year old visiting a family in Bute Street Chelsea.We do not know
where her home address was, or her mothers.


By 1881 the census below shows her now aged 24 and a dressmaker by trade.
She is living at 115 Sloane Street Chelsea in the same premises as the
Young Women's Christian Association. We do not know whether she was
involved with this organisation or just lived in the same building.

We can find no trace currently of what happened to her from this date.




1881 census Charles Atkins


Charles Atkins by 1881 was also living in London




1887 Marriage of Charles Joseph Atkins

Charles Atkins married Ella Mary Field in London in 1887.
The 1891 census below shows Charles and Ella with thier first
two children and Ella's mother Mary Ann Field who was living with them.




1901 census Charles Atkins family

By 1901 the Atkins family had moved to 36 Lindrop Street Fulham

1901-1903 Baptism of Atkins children


During 1901 to 1903 Charles and Ella Atkins baptised 5 of thier 6 children.




1911 census Atkins family Fulham

The 1911 census shows Charles and Ella and five of their children living
at 89 Stephendale Road Fulham. Charles died in 1921.

1917 Marriage Percy Walter Atkins



1919 Marriage Charles Thomas Frank Atkins