John & Emily Ruff in retirement.

After the war the the family moved down to Fennells Farm Bisley Gloucestershire. They are shown above
holidaying at Ventnor Isle of Wight in the 1930's. Emily Ruff died in November 1949 aged 73. Her husband John George Ruff lived on in the area until 1963 when he died aged 85.
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John Ruff remarries 1951

In 1951 John George Ruff married widow Maud Aylesbury who was then aged 66. She was born
Maud Harvey 23rd September 1885 and married George Henry Aylesbury in 1911. They moved
to Yorkshire and had four children between the years 1912 to 1925. George Henry Aylesbury
died in 1936. Following Maud's marriage to John Ruff in 1951 the couple lived near Stroud in
Gloucestershire. Maud lved to the age of 90 when she died in 1975.