Sydney Frank Harris
1924 -1976

Another unknown branch of our family tree. All information has been
reserched from publicly available sources.


Sydney Frank Harris was born 18th May 1924 in Norwood District of Adelaide.

He was living with his parents at 58 Shipsters Road Kensington up to his enlistment in 1942 with the Royal Australian Air Force.


1942-1945 Sydney Frank Harris
War service Royal Australian Air Force

During his service with the RAAF Sydney Frank Harris married his wife Lorna May. No details are known to us of her or her family.

1976 Death Sydney Frank Harris

Sydney Frank Harris lived to the age of 51 and died in Magill in 1976. His wife Lorna May Harris
lived to the age of 57 and died in Kensington in 1982.

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