..........Herbert Musgrove marries
...........Ivy Harris Highbury 1921

George and Emily's son Herbert Henry Musgrove married his cousin Grace Ivy May Harris on the June 25th 1921. The couple are pictured (right) on their honeymoon which they spent in Lynton and Lynmouth on the North Devon Coast.
The marriage certificate above also shows the date 1923 but this is an error. Grace was known as Ivy and was the daughter of Lambert William Harris, who was the brother of Emily Musgrove. Herbert's sister Adelaide Musgrove also married her first cousin, Ivy's brother Alfred. Alfred Harris's brother Walter Harris wanted to marry his first cousin Marbelle Musgrove but she married Arthur Digby. Walter never married and spent time in India in the Civil Service and was known in the family as "The Rajah". It was very common in Victorian times for cousins to marry it is said because the roads were so bad. The Musgroves and the Harriss's fortunes were intertwined for many years.

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