Arthur Frederick Harris
1920 -1998

Another unknown branch of our family tree. All information has been
reserched from publicly available sources.

Arthur Frederick Harris was born 19th March 1920 in Camberwell London. He emigrated to Australia with his parents in 1923. He was living with his parents at 58 Shipsters Road Kensington up to his marriage in 1939.


1939 Marriage Arthur Frederick Harris
to Evelyn Emily Nelson

Arthur married Evelyn Emily Nelson in 1939. She was the daughter of Arthur Ernest Nelson and Ina Gertrude.

Ina Gertrude's maiden name was Hunnerup. Her mother Inger Marie Hunnerup had been licensee of the Walterfall Gully Hotel Burnside Road in 1934 and her daughter Ina took over
the busines in the late 1930's.
Evelyn's elder sister Gertrude (Peggy) Married Gowans Slape in 1942. They were all living at her parents home in John Street Burnside.

1939-1945 Arthur Frederick Harris
War Service Australian Army

Click on above image to be coonected to National Archives of Australia 11 page
Service Record of Arthur Frederick Harris.


1998 Death Arthur Frederick Harris
Arthur Frederick Harris lived to the age of 78. He died in 1998 at Dernancourt,
Northeast of Adelaide. His wife Evelyn lived to the age of 86 and died at Dernancourt
in 2007.
Both Arthur and Evelyn are buried together at Enfield Memorial Park.

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