Norman Richard Harris

Another unknown branch of our family tree. All information has been
reserched from publicly available sources.

Norman Richard Harris was born 28th January 1919 in Camberwell London. Following his emigration to Australia in 1923, he lived with his parents until his marriage around 1940 when
he married Edna Murial Boehm.

Edna Murial Boehm was the daughter of John and Hilda Boehm. She actually had the middle name ' Harris ' but this dates back to an earlier generation and is not related to our family. John Boehm died aged 75 in 1951, his wife Hilda Harris Boehm lived until she was 68 and died in 1953.

1939 - 1945 Norman Richard Harris
War Service with Australian Army and
Royal Australian Air Force


1942 Birth John Norman Harris

Norman and Edna's first child was born at Sister Lewis Hospital Kensington Adelaide on 30th July 1942.


1948 Birth Trevor Paul Harris

Norman and Edna's second child named Trevor Paul Harris was born in February 1948
but sadly
died later that year aged just 9 months.

1951 Birth of son Norman & Edna Harris

Norman and Edna had another son whose birth was announced in the Adelaide Advertiser 20th November 1951. His name is not given.

1999 Death Norman Richard Harris

Norman Richard Harris lived to the age of 80 and died 1999 and is buried at the Centennial Park Cemetery. His wife Edna Murial lived to the age of 86 and died in 2005.
Their 2 sons John Normon Harris and Trevor Paul Harris are buried with their parents at Centennial Park.

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