......1911 Marriage Rupert Musgrove to Alice Crook Foleshill Warwickshire

George and Emily's son Rupert Claude Musgrove married Alice Crook on the twenty seventh March 1911 at Foleshill Registry Office near Coventry. Rupert as you can see at this time was a motor mechanic and living two doors away from the newly married Lilly Digby (his sister)
who had moved from London to Coventry. Alice was a dressmaker.
Their first daughter Ruby Alice Musgrove was born on twenty second of February 1911 and registered on the first of April 1911.
The map below dates from 1914 and show the immediate area around where they lived at Little Heath Foleshill. We have highlighted Alexandra Terrace in Red. Note other places of interest nearby ie. The Union Workhouse, The Canal etc.

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