...........1904 death of Albert Roy Musgrove in Chelmsford
The death certificate of Albert Roy Musgrove (known as Roy) who died of Tuberculosis of the lungs when he was 16 years old.With both his parents dead Roy was now living with the Appleton family at 2 Fairfield Road Chelmsford. The Appleton's operated a Singer Sewing Machine business in the town and had employed Roy's elder brother George as a salesman prior to his death in 1900.

When Roy died his eldest sister Emily who was the head of the family in London travelled to Chelmsford and was present at his death. She was only 28 years old. ,Roy was buried with his father his two sisters and brother at Chelmsford Cemetery. The map below shows Fairfield Road (highlighted red) which joined Duke Street close to the Railway Station.

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