.....HENRY COLE 1901
George Musgrove's Uncle Henry is now living at 321 Kennington Road. He is now a Widower after his wife Jessie died in 1891 . In the photo shown left it's the 2nd on left from the archway in the terrace. In the 1870s/80s both 319 and 321 were owned by the Hayward Brothers who founded Hayward's Pickles, they had their factory across the road behind where Shepherds Place was. It was bombed during WW2. By 1915 '321' had become Dining Rooms run by a Mrs Curtis. In the 1950's it was Ashford's Steam Laundry Ltd, which is still a laundry today under another name. The terrace of houses between 309 to 341 had shops built across their front gardens in 1872, so what you see today is much the same as in Henry Cole's day. The archway in the terrace led to a series of buildings behind Kennington Road used by the South London School of Pharmacy. The maps below show the area in 1871 and 1914 '321' is highlighted in green
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