1895 Musgrove's at Mildmay Road Chelmsford
During 1895 George and Emily lived at number one Suffolk Villas Mildmay Road Chelmsford. They had moved here from
nearby Danbury. They are listed in the rate book for the 26th April 1895. The family at this time was George 50, Emily 43,
sons George 20, Herbert 12, Roy 7 and Rupert 3 also Daughters Emily 18, Alice 17. Lilly 15, Daisy May 14, Theresa Grace 13
and Adelaide 9.Although the family lived at this house for only a short while it was during October that both Daisy May and
Theresa Grace died. Shortly after the family moved to Dunton Green in Kent. Some detective work was required to locate
the position of the house in Mildmay Road, as the property is no longer called Suffolk Villas. The two maps above are dated
1874 (left) and 1895 (right) Suffolk Vilas had not been built in 1874 but are shown on 1895 map (coloured blue). We
confirmed the location from old directories and documents that show Suffolk Villas are next to Glencroft Villas which in turn
are beside a terrace of four houses named Caxton Terrace. Luckily both Caxton Terrace and Glencroft Villas are still named
so it was possible to locate Georges house. The top picture shows the view along Mildmay Road from Suffolk Villas past
Glencroft Villas to Caxton Terrace. Georges house is now number 83 Mildmay Road (the left hand house shown in the
photo below).
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