....................1886 Birth of Christopher Thomas Langman
Thomas and Christiana's first child was born 24th December 1886 at Danbury Essex. The Langmans appear to no longer live at the Cricketers as Thomas's occupation has reverted back to being a farmer.
The voters list below from 1888 shows Thomas Langman's address as a dwelling house, with qualifying properties (previous properties) at The Cricketers and lower end of common. This would suggest that over a period of three years since their marriage, the Langman's had lived in three properties in Danbury. Note that voters lists excluded all women at that time. They eventually got the vote at the end of the first world war in 1918 but only if you were over 30 a householder, married to a householder or had a university degree, everybody eventually got the vote if over 21 in 1928.

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