George Musgrove Albert Buildings
Great Baddow

George and Emily Musgrove left The Cricketers Inn Danbury on the 19th December
1885. The family moved a short distance to the Essex village of Great Baddow.
They moved into one of four properties named Albert Buildings on the Baddow Road.

The above Electoral Register for 1887 lists the voters for the previous year.
It's interesting to note that one of the Musgrove's neighbours Henry Pertwee
and family had just moved to Baddow from Writtle, having lived in a property
named Richmond House on Writtle Green. This was to become the Musgroves
new home later in 1886.

George and Emily's next child named Adelaide Minnie Primrose Musgrove was born
at Great Baddow on 29th July 1886. She joined an ever growing family with
7 brothers and sisters. The Musgroves had moved from Great Baddow by September.

1840-1880's Albert Buildings Great Baddow

The history of Albert's Buildings begins with their construction in the late 1830's.
Of the four properties built, two were rented for use as private boarding schools.
Misses Caroline Thurteil and Elizabeth Wells set up their preparatory school for young
gentlemen under twelve years of age.
Next door Miss Sophia Lindars established a similar school for young ladies.

The September 1841 advertisment above shows another property in Albert's
Buildings being available to let. Within the next year both the private boarding
Schools had moved away and Albert Building became purely residential.

The map below dates from 1874 and shows Albert Buildings on the Baddow Road.
They were also known for a short while as Albert Houses.

Several advertisments before the Musgroves became resident show
the occcupants of some of the Alberts Buildings, now being named
Albert Villas. The four properties were later named Avondale, Rosemont
Wickhams and Albert House and were numbered 377 to 383 Baddow Road.
In recent years the properties have been extensively altered into 10
luxury apartments which are now known as Lea Court.