1878 - 1883 Edgar Musgrave at
Notting Hill, Holloway & Danbury

By 1877 Edgar Musgrave was living at 37 St James Square Notting Hill.

1878 - 1883 Edgar Musgrave Danbury

By 1878 Edgar Musgrave had also acquired a country residence at
Danbury in Essex. This was named Gay Bowers Manor.

1881 Edgar Musgrave Benwell Rd Holloway

By 1881 Edgar Musgrave had moved from Notting Hill to Holloway and was
living next door to George Musgrove's family in Benwell Road.
He also retained his other property in Danbury.
The 1881 census above shows the Musgrove's and Musgrave's in Benwell Road.

The 1881 census for Gay Bowers Manor shows Edgar's son James and his
Mother in Law Sarah Peover.

Gay Bowers Manor pictured above in 1908 and below present day.


Edgar Musgrave photographed in London circa 1890

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