..............1875 James Banfield Moore Harris's 3rd Marriage

After only 3 months since marrying Elizabeth Burgess in May 1875, James Banfield Moore Harris married again. On 29th August James married 38 year old Frances Sarah Chancellor, daughter of Matthew Chancellor,a Baker of Margate Kent. What became of Jame's second wife Elizabeth is a mystery.

There is no record of her dying or remarrying during this 3 month period. When James married Elizabeth in May, they married at St Mary's Church Lambeth close to Jame's home in Allen Street. George and Emily Musgrove were shown as witnesses on the marriage certificate.

Now 3 months later James has moved to 43 Neville Street off Upper Kennington Lane Lambeth and the marriage is at St Peters Church and as the map shows below it was only a short distance away.

This third marriage is also mysterious as by 1881 the Census shown below records James Harris as a Widower. At this time he was a patient at the Lambeth Infirmary. We can find no trace of his 3rd wife Frances Sarah dying or remarrying between 1875 and 1881, so what became of her remains a mystery.
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