.............1869 3rd November -
Baptism of Christiana Jessie Musgrove

By November 1869 the Musgrove's had moved to 33 Glyn Street, Upper Kennington Lane. Their 2 year old daughter Christiana Jessie was baptised at the Church of St Mary the Less in Lambeth. The extract from the register shown above confirms George Musgrove's occupation at this time was still a railway porter. Note that Christiana is listed as son of rather than daugher of George and Christiana. These errors happened occasionally.
The photo below shows the Church of St Mary the Less which was demolished in the 1960's. The map below shows Glyn Street (coloured red) and the immediate area at the time the Musgrove's lived there. The advert Right shows the property being sold in 1879.
Glyn Street is photographed below 100 years later,

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