1861 Census Princes Street
George Musgrove was living with the Cole family in nearby Charlotte Street when the 1861 census was taken on April 5. Princes Street by this time had seen several changes. Head of the family was still George Aitchison the cabinet maker, now aged 75 and a widower as his wife Margaret had died in 1856. Next member of the household is his unmarried daughter Margaret aged 39 who is the only one of their children still in the family home. Next we have Christiana Musgrove aged 18 shown as George Ailchison's niece, but in actual fact she was his grandaughter being the daughter of Christiana Aitchison (The cabinet maker's daughter). She had married Thomas Musgrove in 1843 when her daughter Christiana was born (who is the person on this census).Thomas Muusgrove was an artist and had possibly died by this date. His wife Christiana had died at 5 Princes street in 1851 Lastly is shown a lodger, a french language professor who was not related to the family. Christiana Musgrove's life was to dramatically change within the next few years when George Musgrove would move back into Princes Street and ultimately marry her.
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