1856 Workhouse James Banfield Moore Harris & Family

In 1856 official records show James and his wife Sophia returned to the Workhouse at
St Martins near Trafalgar Square London.Below is the first record we have identified
dated July 14th which shows James and Sophia with their children James,
Betsy Sophia, Emma (Emily), Lambert William and Sophia.


On July 17th three of the Harris children. namely James, Betsy and Emma were transfered
to the Workhouse School at Norwood.


1862 map of Trafalgar Square showing St Martins Workhouse.


The above record dated Sept 7th shows that James and his wife Sophia absconded from
St Martins with their two youngest children, Lambert and Sophia.

Below is the record for Sept 12th which shows the childrens father, James Harris
being readmitted to the Workhouse.


On Sept 18th the three children who had been transferred to Norwood were moved
back to St Martins.

On the same day (Sept 18th) James Harris was discharged from the Workhouse with
his three children James. Betsy Sophia and Emma.

We can find no further records of them returning