1856 Marriage of Jessie Aitchison to Henry Cole
This is the marriage certificate of George Musgrove's aunt Jessie Aitchison to Henry Cole. They were living at Princes
Street but soon moved to Charlotte Street with the young George Musgrove. The witnesses of the marriage are Jessie's
father. George Aitchison the cabinet maker and Ellen Isaacs Aitchison who was the wife of Jessie's brother John. A sad
footnote is that Jessie's mother Margaret died 26 days earlier on May the fifth of Bronchitis she
was at the family home in Princes Street her husband George was present, she was 64 years old so she was born in
Scotland in 1792. You may notice the odd spelling of the name Jessie on the certificate it was common practice that
any word with a double 'S' the first 'S' was written as an F. Therefore Jessie would be written as JEFSIE.

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