...................... ......1855 Birth of Alice Eliza Bristow
Lambert William Harris's future wife was born 25th February 1855 at 79 Charles Street off City Road Clerkenwell. Her father Thomas Arthington Bristow was by trade a bookbinder. They lived next door to Alice's mother's brother William Samuel Hollings who lived at 78 Charles Street with his wife Hannah and new born son William Archer Hollings. The Bristow family soon moved to Havelock Street Islington and the Hollings family moved to nearby Goswell Road.
The 1871 map below shows Charles Street which is between Goswell Road (left) and City Road (just off right side of map) . Their house at 79 is marked. It is interesting to note how close manufacturing was to housing
a Valcanised India Rubber Work, a Gas Meter Manufactory and an iron foundry works would have generated much noise and many unpleasant smells in the area. Charles Street is now renamed Moreland Street and has been completely redeveloped with none of the original properties remaining.
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