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...''...1849-51 Baptisms
......Betsy & Emma Harris

When Jame's and Sophia's second child Betsy Sophia was born on the 28th April 1849, the family were living at 2 James Street, Lower Marsh, Waterloo. When she was Baptised on the 29th September 1850 the family had now moved to 4 Lucretia Street on the south side of Lower Marsh.

Jame's and Sophia's next child was baptised Emma Harris on 21st September 1851 at nearby All Saints Church. This child was later known as Emily Sophia Harris (later to marry George Musgrove in 1871). The family were now living at 4 Frazier Street Lower Marsh. There is no official record of the birth of Emma being registered, but she must have been born after the 1851 census in March otherwise she would have been listed with her parents.

As the area has been completely redeveloped none of the properties metioned survive. The continual developement of Waterloo railway station changed most of the area.
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