1841 Census Artichoke Court, Granby Place,
Lower Marsh Lambeth
The first National Census of Britain in 1841 records the Harris family living at Artichoke Court Granby Place off Lower Marsh Lambeth. William Harris is absent from this census as we presume he was working away from home. His wife Elizabeth is listed as head of the household together with her 7 children. Interestingly all the girls had now adopted their middle names, and some of their ages are incorrect.

The map below dates from 1872 and shows the Granby Place area north of Lower Marsh Lambeth. Artichoke Court is not named but thought to be behind All Saints Church. Note the railway lines which lead into nearby Waterloo Station. The railway had not been built when the Harris's lived here.

The map above dates from 1831 and shows Lower Marsh and the surrounding area with Westminster Bridge on the left hand edge. The Harris family had moved to Upper Marsh by 1846.