.............. Harriet Eliza Harris
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1838-1902

William and Betsy's child Harriet Eliza Harris was Baptised at St John the Evangelist Church Lambeth on 24th June 1838.

The family were living at this time at Artichoke Court Granby Place Lower Marsh Lamberth. They remained here at the time of the 1841 census when Harriet is listed under her middle name of Eliza, then aged 3. The 1851 census shows Eliza living with her parents and older brother Charles. She is now aged 13, and they are now living at Upper Marsh Lambeth.

1858 Eliza Harris Marries Joseph Thomas
Eliza Harris married Joseph Thomas on 4th April 1858 at St Mary's Parish Church Lambeth.

The certificate above shows she is the daughter of William Harris, a mason, and she was living at the Harris Family home in South Street Lambeth. Her husband Joseph is shown as the son of Thomas Thomas, a carman of Granby Place Lambeth, which is presumably where the couple met when the Harris's lived there.

Below is the baptism certificate of Eliza's husband who was born 2nd October 1837 and baptised 22nd October as Joseph William Thomas. His parents were Thomas and Elizabeth Thomas of Granby Place Lambeth.

Thomas & Eliza Thomas - Granby Place Lambeth

Thomas and Eliza's first child, Eliza Annie Thomas was baptised 17th April 1859. She was baptised at the same time as Eliza's brother Walter Harris's son Walter Henry Landrells Harris.

Eliza and Thomas's next child was named Thomas Joseph Thomas. The certificate below shows he was baptised 24th February 1860 at All Saints Lambeth. The family were now living at 3 Granby Place Lambeth.

1861 Census Thomas Families Granby Place

The 1861 census below has been edited to show the Thomas families in Granby Place. Firstly Thomas and Eliza are listed with their children Eliza and Joseph (Thomas Joseph) at 3 Granby Place. His parents Thomas and Elizabeth are listed at number 5.



Thomas and Eliza's next child Betsy Maud Thomas was baptised 1st March 1863 at All Saints Lambeth. The certificate below shows they were now living at 5 Granby Place. Tragically their son Thomas Joseph Thomas died at the end of 1863 aged just 3. Sadly Eliza's husband Joseph Thomas died in 1867 aged 40.

1867 Eliza Thomas marries John Deadman
Following the death of Eliza's husband Joseph at the beginning of 1867, she remarried on Boxing Day 1867 John Deadman, a carman which was the same occupation as her late husband.

Eliza's new husband John Deadman was born in 1841. The certificate below shows he was the son of Wiiliam and Maria Deadman and was baptised 30th January 1842 at St Johns Waterloo. His father's occupation was also a carman.

Eliza & John Deadman Granby Place Lambeth
Eliza and John's first child was Clarissa Rosina Anne Deadman was baptised 30th January 1870 at St Marys Lambeth. The certificate below shows their abode as Granby Place.

1871 Census Deadman Family Granby Place

The 1871 census records the Deadman family living at 5 Granby Place. Shown below is an edited extract showing the family at this time. John Deadman is aged 29, his wife Eliza aged 30, and their daughter Clara (Clarissa) aged just 1. Also listed are Eliza's two daughters from her previous marriage. These are Eliza, aged 12, and Maud (Betsy) aged 8. We can find no further trace of Betsy Maud Thomas/ Deadman from this date.

1876 Marriage Eliza Annie Thomas

Their daughter Eliza Annie Thomas married William Stow on the 26th December 1876. The certificate below shows they were both living at Granby Place at the time.


They had one child, Harriet Eliza Maude Stow born in 1877. The baptism certificate below shows she was baptised 7th October at St Marys Lambeth. They were living at 5 Granby place Lambeth. Nothing more is known of this family as no records can be traced.

The answer to the above Mystery appears to be that the child died in infancy and the
between Annie Eliza and William broke down. There is no death certificate for
her daughter but there is also no birth registered which suggests she died shortly after
being baptised.
Annie Eliza started a new life with her cousin Charles Harris, the son of
James Banfield Moore Harris, her mother's older brother.
William Stow remained a carman and remarried in 1886. The marriage certificate
below states that he is a widower which is not true as his wife was still alive and
raising a family with her cousin

1881 census Deadman family Granby Place

The 1881 census records the Deadman family still living at 5 Granby Place Lambeth. The family consists of John Deadman aged 39, his wife Eliza aged 42, and their children Clara aged 11 and G.B, aged 1 month. This was their son George Banfield M Deadman. Also listed is John Thomas aged 5 who is shown as G son (grandson)?

1891 Census Deadman Family Felix Street Lambeth
The census below from 1891 shows the Deadman family now living at 5 Felix Street, off Westminster Bridge Street Lambeth. The family consists of John Deadman aged 50, his wife Eliza aged 52 and their children. The first child listed is John Deadman aged 15, a port errand boy. 10 years earlier the census shows him living with the Deadmans as John Thomas, then aged 5.
The next child listed is George Deadman, a scholar, and lastly is John and Eliza's daughter Clara who is now 21 and married to William Feltham, a glass blower aged 22. We can find no record of Clara marrying William.

1901 census Deadman & Feltham Families Lambeth
When the 1901 census was taken the Deadman Family had moved to 20 Waxwell Terrace Lambeth. (believed to be on Westminster Bridge Road). The edited Census details below show John Deadman now aged 60, his wife Eliza aged 62, and their son George, now aged 20 and a carman like his father. In the same house is their married daughter Clara and her husband William Feltham. They have just one child named William who is aged 10. Also living with them is Clara's niece Lizzie Thomas aged 3.


Death of Eliza & John Deadman
Harriett Elizabeth (Eliza) Deadman died in 1902 in Lambeth aged 63. Her husband John Deadman lived until 1907 when he died also in Lambeth aged 66.
The map below dates from 1830 and shows the area around Westminster Bridge Street wher the family had lived. Granby Buildings and Granby Terrace are shown coloured red though not Granby Place. Felix Street is also coloured red.

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